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*NO* Tanglewood "Hue Stripes"

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You might remember me, a fella named Quinn Fox.  In fact, I’m sure you do!   So I’ll keep it short.

A recent release for the Genesis arrived in my hands, and I couldn’t resist; I’ve been wanting to do another remix for a long time, but I always kept what I 'had going' as an original. 

See, a great majority of my submissions have been original pieces of music from the start, and then as I look to my left at my game collection, I often search for a place to sneak in a melody, chord, or what have you, to honor the game music which I obviously love.  Not always, but often. 

So Tanglewood, a game I initially thought would have a running soundtrack throughout, turned out to be more of a ‘Limbo’ meets ‘Disney,’ and there wasn’t a lot of music to choose from, at least not in length to provide remix material.  What began in my imagination as a fox running through the forest and bouncing off of baddies (which is how this began) turned around completely once it was plugged in and played.  So I toned it down a bit, changed directions, and incorporated the title music to my whims and potential benefits.  It’s been a LONG time since I’ve submitted anything here, but I have nothing but fond memories of this place; I still lurk.

So in essence, here is some pertinent information.

Game: Tanglewood
Title : Hue Stripes
Music : Title Screen (Track 00) ??
Original Composer : Nathan Stanley
Remixed By : Quinn Fox

Also a link to the music in question. 

Also, it’s a very lovely, charming game.  Check it out. :)
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First of all, starting at 2:08, it's filled with horrible high-pitched spikes that clip by almost +6dB.  I had to stop the track after a few seconds of this, it was like knives in my eardrums.  I resolved to go back and just do an eval of the first 2 minutes, but even before that, the hats are awfully hot and loud, as are the percussive element that starts at 1:04.  The leads are generally really quiet.  All really need some volume and EQ work.

There may or may not be more issues, but I can't listen to this any more, I'm sorry, my ears are throbbing.


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up front - the mastering on this one is not great. there's a desperate need for compression across the board. so this is a no right off the bat. i don't know quinn well enough to be able to say if they'd be able to hack a conditional for this level of mastering work, so i can't go that route.

throughout the first minute or two, there's overall a pretty interesting old-school feeling to the background, which is cool. i liked the brass chirps and the attention paid to volumizing them into having some semblance of performance in them, and chill beat was nice. i wasn't a fan of the bird-chirping synth that came in at 2:08ish at all - it was really jarring and hard to listen to.

overall i found the track to be pretty meandering without as much connection to the source's melody as i expected. the mastering as well is really, really poor throughout...it sounds like this was mastered on a set of headphones that doesn't have any highs and boosts lows naturally, because there's essentially no bottom and 100x more highs than anyone wants. some compression and a volumization pass is desperately needed as well as it's not really something that i can listen to again right now.




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Always glad to see it when old-school OCR veterans come back into the fold :) I appreciate you taking a shot to submit something to us after all these years.

That said, I'm not sure if you have switched to a different mixing or listening setup, but there's some pretty massive production issues present on this track that are keeping it from reaching its potential. The high-end of this track is off the charts, whereas the low-end is almost non-existent. Meanwhile, the bulk of the mid-range content is not balanced properly so you have to turn the volume up loud just to hear what's going on melodically, but at that point the high-end of the mix is painfully loud.There's a serious tonal imbalance going on that needs to be addressed. 

There's a fun, whimsical arrangement in here somewhere, but there's a lot of work that needs to happen first before that can shine through. Listening to some of your older remixes, I'm confident that you can reach that bar again. I would strongly recommend hitting up the Workshop forums (https://ocremix.org/community/forum/12-post-your-game-remixes/) for some in-depth critique and a forum where you can share new version of your track for feedback.

Best of luck to you, I hope there's more to come!


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