Sample Pack Contest XI: ALL-STAR MASHUP!! - Submit your music until May 2nd @ 00:00:01 EST

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Sample Pack Contest is a series of original music-writing contests hosted via VGMusic.com that began in 2005, originally on VGMusic's forums and now on its Discord server.

What is a Sample Pack Contest?

Typically, the community is first asked to submit sound samples (in WAV format) which are collected and re-released in a ZIP archive of all the sounds: the "sample pack". Participants then use the sounds in creating and entering original songs, followed by a voting/commenting phase by the community to determine placing and the eventual winner.

In this 11th edition of the series, All-Star Mashup, the eventual sample pack will be made up entirely of sounds from the previous Sample Pack Contests.


The event will go through main three phases:


Phase 1. Sample Submission (Over!)

Deadline: Friday, January 24th @ 00:00:01 EST


Phase 2. Track Submission

Deadline: Saturday, May 2nd @ 00:00:01 EST


Download the SPC XI Sample Pack here:

Mirror 1 (courtesy of Sid Shakal, clean .zip without the extra MacOSX stuff)
Mirror 2 (Google Drive)
Mirror 3 (Mediafire)
Mirror 4 (Dropbox)

Use the above sample pack to create original music (not remixes) using whatever tools you have available (DAW/VST effects/samplers/trackers/DSP's/etc). Do not use any sample libraries, synthesizers, or sounds other than what is provided above to make your songs.


Rules/guidelines for creating tracks:

  • Use as many or as few of the samples as you wish. You are encouraged to use an audio editor to edit the samples and derive original sounds; think about looping, pitch, selection work, dynamics, baked-in effects etc.
  • VST effects such as reverb, delay, distortion, chorus, phaser, flanger, pitch-shift, auto-tune etc. are all permitted and encouraged in your arrangements.
  • Effects that also generate audio for a carrier signal (i.e. vocoders) are a grey area, but we've allowed them in previous contests and they are permitted.
  • Avoid the cop-out of ultra-shortlooped (or "chipped") samples/generally avoid making chiptunes - more of a request than a hard rule. It's generally recommended that the sample retain some of its character.
  • Keep your entries a secret from everyone as authors will be revealed when results are announced.
  • Collaborations are permitted.
  • This contest is intended for original music only - not remixes or covers.
  • Final catch-all rule: for anything else not covered, the basic rule is if you feel you are taking unusual liberties you probably are.
  • Good luck and have fun!


How to submit a track:

  • Please send in your tracks for SPC XI to @mako#1542 on Discord (preferred) or to matthew12792{at}gmail.com via email. The deadline is Saturday, May 2nd @ 00:00:01 EST. Tracks will be uploaded shortly thereafter.
  • Submit as few or as many tracks as you wish.
  • Please clearly state your Artist Name and Song Title(s) with your submissions. Metadata will be stripped, but try to avoid tagging the file with your artist name.
  • File format should be CD-quality audio in FLAC or WAV. Avoid lossy formats if at all possible.
  • IMPORTANT: By submitting songs to Sample Pack Contest XI you consent to your music being freely redistributed as a part of its resulting compilation album. All other rights with respect to your music are unaffected.


Phase 3. Voting/Comments/Results

Deadline: TBA (estimated middle of May)

Coming Soon!

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