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Sample Pack Contest XI: Results!


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Sample Pack Contest is a series of original music-writing contests hosted via VGMusic.com that began in 2005, originally on VGMusic's forums and now on its Discord server.

What is a Sample Pack Contest?

Typically, the community is first asked to submit sound samples (in WAV format) which are collected and re-released in a ZIP archive of all the sounds: the "sample pack". Participants then use the sounds in creating and entering original songs, followed by a voting/commenting phase by the community to determine placing and the eventual winner.

In this 11th edition of the series, All-Star Mashup, the current sample pack is made up entirely of sounds from the previous Sample Pack Contests.


Sample Pack Contest XI has concluded! Thank you all for participating!




Congratulations to Hunter Van Brocklin for winning with his entry "California Rose Gold Rush"!

Full Contest Results + Votes & Commentary Here

( spreadsheet version )

The entire album is available on Bandcamp: https://samplepackcontest.bandcamp.com/album/sample-pack-contest-xi

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8 hours ago, Seth Skoda said:

Question: is there a preferred sample rate for the output wav file? I use 44.1kHz.

Seth Skoda! Now that's a familiar name. I like your two tracks in An OverClocked Christmas XIII from last year :-)

16-bit/44.1kHz sample rate is perfect, yeah. It's the standard for CD-quality audio.

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