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The Blind Prophet Game Is Released

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For anyone who might be interested, The Blind Prophet has been released for Steam and GOG, and other markets like Switch and PS4 consoles to follow, I think. I did the majority of the soundtrack and the 3rd game I've worked on to actually get released.

This is a highly visual and artist-driven project using point'n'click adventuring for a 6-8 hour story that goes into some seriously dark and gritty territory. Although I myself am not fully versed on the story or progression (I wouldn't have had time to get into it over the last year), it combines elements of SIN CITY, Boondock Saints, John Constantine and similar as its modus personae. I combined quite a lot of genre elements for my work on the soundtrack including:

* Gothic church organ
* Heavy, dark, Motoi Sakuraba-style orchestral
* Downtempo Trip-Hop
* Minimalist Techno
* Resident Evil-style dark ambient
* Resident Evil-style minimalist score material with more conventional composition and arrangement.
* Chrono Cross-style emotional score for one track.
* NIN-style Industrial
* A parody of Pink Floyd's "Money" that then turns into a much more subtle parody of Steve Hackett's "The Ballad of The Decomposing Man".
* One song from my Saturn Icarus album that was licensed/used as a minigame track because it was fun, unexpected, and I ran out of time to produce a brand new track. :P


I don't have the soundtrack compiled together as a release yet, I just want to promote the game itself for now.

If this kind of thing appeals to you, please visit and


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