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OCR04110 - *YES* Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep "Sleeping Beauty Makes a Horrible Nightmare"

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Contact Information

ReMixer name : Neverback-Music
Real name : Backer Ruth
Email address : 
Website : https://www.reitoken.com
Userid : 34757

Submission Information

Name of game arranged : Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep
Name of arrangement : Sleeping Beauty Makes A Horrible Nightmare

Name of individual songs arranged :

  • The Silent Forest
  • The Rustling Forest

This is an orchestral arrangement of two songs from Kingdom Hearts. It’s a game that I love, including it’s soundtrack! I Have try to share my love for this game and for music with you through this little arrangement. I try to make a powerful orchestration where you can find communication between instruments. At the same time I try to put my little own touch. I believe it’s important to be able to create/arrange a track but also to try to bring something new into the track.

I spend 56 hours to make this track. 46 hours to compose it and 10 hours to mix it. I have started by writing the full arrangement on piano, after that add more instruments, transitions an littles small details. I hope you will enjoy it.

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Very nice!  Lovely orchestration, great pacing (although the transition at 1:34 is a smidge abrupt).  Straightforward but lush and highly effective.  My one criticism is that it's mastered too quietly, even for orchestral.  You have over 2 dB of headroom, and you should probably squeeze in a little bit of compression on top of that.

YES/Conditional (on volume)

Edit 6/17: Seems fine to me now.


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  • MindWanderer changed the title to 2019/08/27 - (1C) Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep "Sleeping Beauty Makes a Horrible Nightmare"
  • 1 month later...

i really liked the attention paid in the intro to spacing. the piano was also well-used to fill in the chords without making it the focus. i found the double reed with the melody around 1:45 to be a bit strident - try doubling with something else that speaks better rather than trying to just crank the volume on it in the future.

i agree that it's quieter than the 2db headroom suggests. some compression would be great.

this one comes and goes pretty quickly but does a nice job realizing two songs in a beautiful orchestration. a bit of compression to liven up the earlier section, or at least an overall volume increase, and i think this one's a go.




edit: updated volume sounds fine. i'ma call this good.


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Orchestration is never easy to pull off, but your technique of writing for a piano first and adding other instrumentation over the top has enlightened me.  The result is a lush palette with careful attention to space and articulation, particularly with the vocal and wind instrumentation.  The mixdown is also clean and well-balanced, with a smidgin too much bass for my liking - but nothing I consider deal-breaking.  I do, however, agree with the boys that the track is currently too quiet - though just a volume boost is okay in my book.

The arrangement's lovely too.  While you presented it in a medley-like format, there's a lot of attention to the choice of accompaniment writing to add more of that cinematic flair that the originals didn't have.  I liked the breaks at 0:18 and 2:27, both adding melodic content that sounds at home with the source and breaking any monotony at that point.  It's a simple treatment that doesn't outstay its welcome and a sign that shows how far you've grown from submitting to the panel already - good stuff.

This arrangement is almost ready for the front page - just bring up the volume levels, and that spot is yours!

[EDIT 2020/05/04 - I got an updated WAV with the volume being fixed.  It's good to go now - so glad it got fixed!]


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  • Rexy changed the title to 2019/08/27 - (2Y/1C) Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep "Sleeping Beauty Makes a Horrible Nightmare"
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What a lovely, dynamic mix! The intro makes a powerful statement right from the start with colorful, deliberate instrumentation that ebbs and flows with care. The vocals were a particularly beautiful focal point. Around 1:19, things open up and give way to briefly-playful cadence before the arrangement kicks into full gear. I was impressed with how much mileage you got out of this - you explored so many different ideas and motifs without ever cutting yourself off prematurely, I was shocked to pull up the clock and realize that only 3 minutes had elapsed. That's definitely a sign of an engaging arrangement!

If I had to critique anything, it would be the hard-panned snare drum that enters at 1:40, which, for lack of a better descriptor, had an unnatural rubbery tone that I found distracting both due to the placement in the mix and the tone of the sample itself. Not in any way a dealbreaker, but it irked me enough to mention it.

Well done! Can't wait to see this posted.


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  • Liontamer changed the title to 2019/08/27 - *YES - TAG* Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep "Sleeping Beauty Makes a Horrible Nightmare"
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