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OCR04106 - *YES* Undertale "Chillaxing Day"

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Contact Information:

- ReMixer name - Tune in with Chewie
- Nestor Estrada
 or main website: www.nestorestrada.com/youtube
userid 35202
Submission Information:
- Undertale
- Chillaxing Day
- His Theme
- Composed by Toby Fox
- Link to original track:
As with all my arrangements, I generally like to try and experiment with different ways to really transform a VGM tune into something different. In this case, I wanted to go for an Indie Rock/Pop sound with a hint of Lo-Fi aesthetic. Clairo and Arcade Fire were my inspiration for this tune. His Theme is pretty basic - has a distinct melody and the same chord progression throughout (adding in layers as it goes). So this gave me the opportunity to really take the melody and just try out different ideas. 
I approached this with a songwriter mentality. Meaning, I wanted there to be a verse, chorus, bridge, etc. I also wanted to avoid just playing the melody the same way throughout to avoid repetition and boredom (both for myself and the listener). So I took liberties with the melody during the verses and bridge. I kept certain rhythmic elements as well as hang around the notes you hear from the main melody, but twisted it enough so it's different. Then when the chorus comes in, you hear the melody full force. I also kept the general chord progression used from the original for the verses to connect it more. 
For the ending vocals (and sprinkled throughout), I had several friends on the Outlier Studios team just record a bunch of passes. I think total there was around 30 or so vocal stems which I mixed in. 
Hope you enjoy this one!
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Truly a lovely arrangement! With such a short, repetitive source tune, I appreciate the lengths Nestor took to both keep things from being repetitive and also never let it go too long without a recognizable callback to His Theme. I've come to expect nothing less from Nestor at this point, but it's refreshing to see him branch out into adjacent genres like indie rock that still allow him to indulge in his signature lo-fi aesthetic. As a fan of both Arcade Fire and Clairo, the inspiration is evident (I'm picking up strong Suburbs vibes specifically from the guitar tone, and the lo-fi beats fall more on the Clairo's side) but at the end of the day, this sounds unmistakably like a Tune In With Chewie remix! You've got a style all your own.




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  • Emunator changed the title to 2019/08/16 - (1Y) Undertale "Chillaxing Day"

The main reason I brought this to the panel rather than marking it as a direct post got down to whether the source presence is enough.  And yet, here's what I ultimately picked out:

0:19-0:57 - Clear use of the melody 
1:27-1:29, 2:34-2:36 - Slipping in the theme during the bridge
1:40-2:00 - Clear source again
2:05-2:24 - Playing around with the motif during the breakdown.  The second and sixth bars went source-free - thus, I will deduct 4 seconds from the total.
2:43-3:02 - Repeated chorus.
3:02-3:40 - Just like the 2:05 section, this played around with the melody (albeit in a different way), and similarly, the 2nd, 6th, 10th and 14th bars in sequence went source free.  Remove 9 seconds as a result.
3:40-4:00 - Call and response between source and non-source for ending.  Deduct 10 seconds to accommodate for this technique.

Ultimately, these calculations gave me 55% source - so I guess I shot myself in the foot when looking at it initially. :<

Inboxing mistake aside, this arrangement has a lot of the hallmarks of being a quality mixpost.  It showcased the best of both worlds in both melody preservation and transformation (as broken down above), a genre adaptation that allows it to stick out from Toby Fox's writing and keep to standard songwriting tropes, and some tight performance chops from your guitar and the vocal volunteers.  Throw in a seamless mixdown with identifiable instrumentation and steady balance across the board, and we've got something exceptional here to present on the front page.

Again, I am sorry for not realizing this is too good for the queue from the beginning!  And I hope the listener base for OCR will feel the qualities as much as I did - excellent job!


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  • Rexy changed the title to 2019/08/16 - (2Y) Undertale "Chillaxing Day"

yeah, this should be a DP =) it's liberal but not overly so, well-performed, and well-produced.

the shift in backing parts at the 2:02 mark was perfectly timed and well handled. i liked the inclusion and mixing of the vocal parts as well, they stood out in that they were set into the mix really well and didn't overpower anything while adding a great change of pace when they appeared.

easy vote.




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What a fresh-sounding style, totally unique.  The arrangement is relaxing while being full of detail.  The production is on point.  There is plenty of variation even while keeping the orchestration mostly the same.  I love the effects sprinkled throughout the mix, and the vocals.  Easy YES from me too.


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  • Emunator changed the title to 2019/08/16 - *YES - TAG* Undertale "Chillaxing Day"
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