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OCR04123 - *YES* Golden Sun: The Lost Age "At the End of the Road" *PROJECT*


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Remixer name:   Bluelighter (ID 21840)
Real Name:  Guillaume SAUMANDE

From the album project: Golden Sun: A World Reignited

Game & Songs: Golden Sun – Ruins of Lemuria
Composer: Motoi SAKURABA

Bluelighter : Piano



Here is my second contribution for the album project. This track is a piano arrangement of Lemuria. The original song was peaceful and nostalgic; this kind of arrangement would be appropriated IMO. 

The arrangement alternates soft parts and parts with rhythm accentuated. I wanted in each part to respect the nostalgic characteristic of the original song. 

I was melancholic myself when I made this arrangement. This track was perfect to work on :d



- 0'00 – 0'15 Melodic Line (ML) 1A
- 0'15 – 0'26 ML 1B
- 0'26 – 0'50 repeated
- 0'51 – 1'15 ML2

(in B flat minor)
- intro ML1A : soft
- 0'36 : ML1A : soft with arpeggios
- 0'58 : ML1B : soft with arpeggios (G minor)
- 1'15 : ML1B : rhythm marked
- 1'28 : ML1A : rhythm marked (B flat minor)
- 1'55 : ML1A : soft, crystalinne sounds
- 2'20 : ML1A : soft, in a major variation
- 2'43 : ML2 : rhythm marked  
(F minor)
- 2'53 : ML2 : arpeggios, culminating point of the piece (B flat minor)
- 3'30 : ML2 : soft with arpeggios
- 3'51 : ML1A : soft, crystalinne sounds

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As always, the execution is lovely.  The piano tone and presentation is on par with Guillhaume's previous works, and the clarity is also a significant jump from prior submissions.  The performance is also passionate and human, with a steady hand every step of the way.  Though, the section at 1:27 with a sudden 11/16 (!) time signature felt very unusual for such an expressive work and would've been more at home with a full-blown orchestra rather than a solo performance.  As it takes up barely 10% of the track's running time, I can see it as nothing more than an observation.

What made me panel the track rather than direct post, like with "Heart of the Fire Clan" on the same album, was whether the source breakdown was clear enough.  It took a handful of listens between then and this point, but ultimately I saw a handful of smart ideas.  Breaking the A section in half was a genius way of separating characteristics, and so was experimenting with different keys, pacings, and dynamic variations.  Ultimately, when I heard the melody presented like this, I felt way more confident with how it played out - and more respectable of Guillhaume's crazy writing prowess.

So yes, it all checks out - a sweeping piano arrangement with an insane amount of twists on a singular theme and a robust render to boot.  Let's get this on the front page!


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  • Rexy changed the title to 2019/08/18 - (1Y) Golden Sun "At the End of the Road"

this is a beautiful arrangement that has some really nice emotion throughout. there's some nice surprises with the arrangement and scoring, and there's some real nice variety in the dynamics. probably my only complaint is that the first 'big' section, from 1:15 through 1:52, the left hand is very dominant in the mix, and it overwhelms the melodic line under these big block chords. aside from that, though, there's some real nuance in the playing overall.

pretty easy vote for me.




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Just a quick cosign from me - this is a lovely dynamic arrangement, beautiful piano tone and some unexpected rhythmic shakeups to keep things interesting. I also felt that the section starting at 1:27 was ambitious but didn't quite land right, and I think Rexy's observation that it would have functioned better within the context of a fully-orchestrated arrangement is very astute, and not something I would have identified myself, though I totally agree with it.

Either way, this is a solid performance that feels just as weird as I'd expect from a Motoi Sakuraba arrangement. Let's get this posted!


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  • Emunator changed the title to 2019/08/18 - (3Y) Golden Sun "At the End of the Road"

Emotive. Things open slow, but start to pick up over the first minute. The stronger velocity at 1:14 could have been built up to better. Cognitively, I had some trouble with the timing in certain sections, things felt a little loose, but nothing to hold it back for. Good quality tone. Production quality is decent. Arrangement changes pacing nicely with a solid mix of light and heavy sections. Nice work overall.


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  • Liontamer changed the title to 2019/08/18 - *YES - TAG* Golden Sun: The Lost Age "At the End of the Road"
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