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*NO* Mega Man X2 "Trial of the X-Hunters"

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The submission letter didn't make it clear, but Luis's contribution was with editing and mixing.

ReMixer name: TheChargingRhino
Real Name: Lauren Stanisz
No website
User id: 33732

Name of Game(s) arranged: Mega Man X2
Name of Arrangement: Trial of the X-Hunters
Name of individual song(s) arranged: X-Hunter Stage 1 (aka Sigma's Fortress 1+2)

Own Comments: This remix is from the recent release of Pixel Mixer's MMX tribute collection album, "Mavericks of Destruction". I used Super Audio Cart for the entire mix, and two members of PM helped me, they are both on the Quality Control Team: Dewey Newt and Luis Vasquez. 

The presets that are used are (not in order of appearance as they are all over the place)  Narrow Escape, Clubbing in the Cave, Rage in the Cage, Robotix Groove, Turbo Guitar, East vs. West, and Exploring the Demon Maze 
Source Times: (via actual file time, not Drive)
0:00-0:48 - source (intro + A) (48 seconds)
0:49-1:02 - original (14 seconds)
1:03-1:17 - original solo by Dewey - kinda source at the end (14 seconds) 
1:18-1:24 - source (B) (6 seconds)
1:25-1:38- source bass/rhythm mix (14 seconds)
1:39-1:52 - original (14 seconds)
1:53-2:31 - source (A + B) (38 seconds) 

if my math is correct, the source time should be around 1:32. 
Original sections are 0:56 seconds over the course of the track 


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Weird change in the rhythms from :12-:14 and again at :20-:22.

Lead at :28 was way too loud. Melody arrived at :35, but the mixing was too cluttered.

Not sure why the instruments cut off abruptly at :49 to make way for other parts, but make sure the departing instruments fade down instead of suddenly dropping out entirely.

The dynamics were relatively flat here. When you just click around the track, you basically have the same core beat patterns used throughout and the same energy levels. I also thought the mixing was too bright and cluttered, but let's see what other judges say.

Though the melody was interpreted, it also felt like it essentially had one arrangement/presentation style for the main verse that was just repeated throughout without further substantial variations.

It's moving in the right direction and a cool usage of SAC for sure, Lauren, but it needs clearer, more balanced mixing, more variations of the theme, and more dynamic contrast to develop these ideas further.


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the opening is pretty straightforward and just outlines the initial chord progression, adding in new instruments with each repetition. the filter effect at 0:50 helps break it up a bit (not sure it's needed so soon, but it's not a problem). the solo was fun and different enough, and i liked the synth work on that. the second original section at 1:39 sticks out like a sore thumb with how simple it is compared to the melody - i'd try some new content there to try and mix it up more so that it feels more like the original's compositional style.

around that part i really started to feel the drums repeated patterns start to grate on me as well. i don't mind the lack of dynamic contrast as much since there is some variability there overall, but the background being essentially the same for 2:20 is not a great feature. the ending is also pretty much not there...you set it up well but then didn't actually end it. i'd avoid ending a track on anything other than a downbeat, especially one that's so rhythmic as this one is.

i think overall that your arrangement is decent and i enjoyed your synth choices. the track needs more variance in the backgrounds, though, and another look at the second original section. once those are dressed up i think this is an easy vote.




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Interesting lo-fi instrumentation. The arrangement takes a little while to get going but once started keeps the same energy throughout.  Production could do with some work. The build up in certain areas could be improved, as the drops don’t have the impact they should. This is in part is due to the lack of compression. There are some good ideas here but instruments and drums are missing the separation and impact they should typically have. I recommend a production pass over the mix to strengthen the parts and add clarity.


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