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Streets of Rage 2 - Go Straight [HipHop+EDM]

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Just committed the cardinal sin of remixing popular VGM by making this hybrid HipHop/EDM remix of Go Straight from Streets of Rage 2, to celebrate the release of SoR4. :)


Though I know this isn't admissible on OCR due to liberal use of in-game sfx, I'd still love to get some feedback for the arrangement, cause one ear can only take me so far.

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I'm finding it hard to hear past that bass synth - it's got some issues with muddying the low end that become really clear during the breaks when it's not playing, and the mix sounds a lot better. I like the arrangement and instrumentation otherwise, with those cool FM synths, but that bass is making it really tough to appreciate the rest of the track. Some of the tapestop effects (00:27 for example) are a little too jarring to my taste - I feel like they interrupt the groove a little much.


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