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OCR04081 - *YASSSSS* Super Mario Bros. 2 "Birdo's Revenge" *FALLTHROUGH*

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This track originally got submitted in September 2019, but for some reason it never got to the submissions inbox itself.  The brevity may be a concern, but I feel it's done enough to keep a 10-second loop interesting, and so I find it worth a shot for judge feedback.

Contact Information

ReMixer name - Seizure Machine (Marlon Sinvergüenza and fxsnowy)
real name - Marlon / Adrian
email address - 
website - seizuremachine.com
userid - 36273

Submission Information

Name of game(s) arranged - Super Mario Bros 2
Name of arrangement - Birdo's Revenge
Name of individual song(s) arranged - Boss

We were inspired by Birdo's egg spitting.

Lyrics :

I was just kidding
JK… Rollin’!
Up on my nemeses
Vacate the premises

I take vacations in Hades with Hades
Make booties shake like the…
Ground in Haiti

Hercules, you’re an obsolete hero
Jesus is a copy
Scorpion, Sub-Zero
Sailors hear the siren song that you relish
I killed Achilles cause I have a foot fetish!


Now, we’re back and the beat’s on full blast
I take over these streets like Critical Mass
Divide by volume
You’re so fucking dense
Your cranium’s uranium
Mine is hydrogen

Conquest, I navigate
Port and starboard
I’m so fly like the motherfucking Conchords
Conker had a bad fur day, didn’t shave
My dick is Donkey Kong with a condom for a cage!


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I gotta say, I loaded that file up and saw a 1:18-long time and literally went "Ah, fuck", because there was NO WAY this could be enough to pass as a reasonably developed arrangement.

But then... original word salad lyrics with good variations in the rhythms & delivery, strong production, constant small (and some big) textural changes to change up the energy, and a sudden finish that actually wasn't disappointing. Wow.

Man, what the fuck? Maybe others won't agree, but dammit, y'all pulled this off. 78 seconds, and yet...


Color me surprised. Commendable job, and lots of fun! :-)

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  • Liontamer changed the title to 2020/05/26 - (1Y) Super Mario Bros. 2 "Birdo's Revenge"

I love this.  I wish it was longer, much longer but at least two minutes.  That said, wow this is fun, you packed a LOT of arrangement and ideas into such a small package.  Vocals are on the dry side but it works here.  The guitar starting at 0:55 could be quite a bit louder, it is much quieter than the vocals or the lead in the outro.  Even so, if it's long enough for Larry, I'm going to give it YES #2.


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  • Chimpazilla changed the title to 2020/05/26 - (2Y) Super Mario Bros. 2 "Birdo's Revenge"

See, when I checked out the track, I felt the variance with this 10-second loop was more than enough to get it checked out on an interpretation standpoint.  And indeed, there is - six loops in total, satisfying breaks between sets of two and subtractive contributions thanks to textural variation and some well-executed rhymes.  The drum writing had also prevented any autopilot issues, with some careful embellishments to separate the first pair, and some more intense rhythms to go through the guitar section at 0:49.  I loved how you "let the air out of the band" for the ending fanfare - proof that you wanted to get a laugh out of anyone who listens, and that just sealed the deal!

Even the production values are tight - a clean mix, artifact-free recordings on the guitars and vocals, and is mostly well balanced.  The vocals also have some strong effects for a thickened presence, with even some variance in filters letting them shine.  Like with Chimpazilla, I would've liked to have heard the guitars go a touch further to the front, but it's no big deal in this case.

I would've liked the track to have been longer, too, but it's hard to say no to a remix that did so much in such a short running time - something almost entirely unheard of outside of the first four years of OCR's life.  Adrian and Marlon, you are remixing wizards, and I commend you for it!


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  • Rexy changed the title to 2020/05/26 - (3Y) Super Mario Bros. 2 "Birdo's Revenge"

i don't know what i expected, but


Make booties shake like the…ground in Haiti

wasn't it!

i love it. it's fast and energetic and the flow's solid. there's more than enough going on in the background to count it. it's a little quiet but i don't care enough to really hold it against the track. in the immortal words of Vig...




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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR04081 - *YASSSSS* Super Mario Bros. 2 "Birdo's Revenge"
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