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*NO* Mega Man 2 "Metal Step Man"

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Hello OCRemix Team,

Here a submission of a remix from a game i love.
Have a nice day.
Best Regards,
Benjamin Oziel.

Contact Information

Submission Information

  • Name of game(s) arranged : Megaman 2
  • Name of arrangement : Metal Step Man
  • Name of individual song(s) arranged : MetalMan




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The production values off the bat are enjoyable for EDM / Dubstep.  It's reasonably balanced, no instrument is louder or quieter than it needs to be, and the articulations and effects on the synths are a lot of fun to hear.  The dub bass at 1:14 did sound like it lacked a body to match with the sibilance on display, but it's a nitpick if this is the intended tone that you picked out.

Arrangement-wise, it had a strong start with going through a slow build for one part of the theme, then using the A section's melodies with the C section's chords to go into the groove proper.  The source did get dropped at 1:14 in favor of a dubstep bass solo, adding more tension before heading into the breakdown - however, it's at the prior break at 1:29 where the track re-treads previously established ideas, so much to the point that 1:59-2:29 sounds completely identical to 0:59-1:29.  Aside from the drum fill at 1:36 and usage of the A section's melody at 1:44 (effectively doubling the 1:59 part), there's nothing new in this second half.  It's possible to keep the source placement ideas while adding in some entirely different textures and rhythm patterns underneath.  A completely different dubstep bass spot at 2:14 wouldn't go amiss either, to give that section its own separate identity from 1:14.

It's not a bad effort, Ben - you've gotten the grasp on what makes a remix works from a technical standpoint.  But that second half needs a writing/texture refresher to make them feel different from the first half.  It'll be nice to hear another version that addresses this flaw - but whatever you decide to do, keep going with your craft.

NO (resubmit)

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  • Rexy changed the title to 2019/12/05 - (1N) Mega Man 2 "Metal Step Man"

The melody at 1:44 is a really nice touch but we head straight back into copy-paste territory once we hit 1:59. Honestly, even bumping the melody at 1:59 up an octave would have been a welcome variation; even better, start soloing in the synth and go a little nuts while everything underneath is going on.

This mix clocks in at 2 and a half minutes but basically loops twice. Gotta get a little more variation in there. The dubstep breakdown is cool the first time around; second time? It doesn't feel like a breakdown anymore.

Production is great. Sound design is great. I love the groove and this makes me dance. But I need a little more variation and more risks on your part.

NO (resub)

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  • DarkeSword changed the title to 2019/12/05 - (2N) Mega Man 2 "Metal Step Man"

ooh, this hits great right off the bat. excellent production values, a percussive opening with space, an early breakdown/filtro? i love it. you use a lot of space in your synths, and i 100% approve of this - what a great way to get a really meaty sound that hits solid and has contrast. the dub break was fun as well - not too long, showed some fun ideas, didn't lose the beat.

and then you copypasta'd the entire next minute =( no melodic variation, no altered chords, no rhythmic changes, no synth changes...there is another fun dub bass solo, but then it ends, at just about 2:30. i would suggest combining your two bass solos (since there can only be one highlander, two just makes things awkward), and then fleshing out that second section some more. a synth solo (not a bass one) with a melodic recap would add some duration while keeping it moving, and some more personalization in the melodic line via rhythms, pitches, new synth timbres, or some updated backing chords would really freshen up the second half so much more.

right now this is too repetitive, which is too bad because the production value is dope and you've got some really fun ideas in your backing parts that just get reused too much. give me more variation and this is a DP.




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