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*NO* Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask "Surfing in the Haunted Sea"

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Contact Information

  • Remixer Username: Audio Mocha
  • Real Name: Daniel Florez
  • Preferred E-mail
  • User ID: 33297
Name of games arranged: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Name of arrangement: Surfing In The Haunted Sea
Name of individual songs: Great Bay Coast
Source materials:
Comments: I wanted to give this traditionally creepy tune from the four lands of Termina an upbeat surfy twist. I realized that the melody actually had a pretty happy feel to it when played with less creepy-sounding instruments. Even though this song is heard in all four worlds in MM, I naturally wanted to associate it with Great Bay because it just makes sense it being a surf rock remix.
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I love the surf rock sound of this!  The performances are very good.  I'm stumped on this though.... I know this source well and I cannot pick it out, except at 1:18-1:34 (0:59 in source video).  After ten listens I still can't make out any other source.  Other Js, what say you?

edit:  Thanks Wes for that source breakdown!  I still can't hear it.  I'm leaning towards NO because I feel like it just shouldn't be this hard to hear the source.  If there was more of a flavor of the source in the mix, to connect to, then 46% could possibly be considered, but in this case (with a mix with such a different feel from the source) it just isn't enough source.  Still, very fun listen!


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  • Chimpazilla changed the title to 2019/12/08 - (1?) Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask "Surfing in the Haunted Sea"

Kris, the lead guitar at :42 that sticks around for much of the arrangement is playing the main melody from :07 in the source. Granted, it's definitely altered by virtue of the genre adaptation, but I hear it. Here's my breakdown: 

:42-1:17, the lead guitar is riffing off of the theme from :07-:22 in the source (35s)

1:18-1:38 is derived from :59 in the source, as you identified (20s)

1:36-1:45 has source present in the bassline (9s)

1:46-2:06 is a retread of the melody from :42 (20s)

Total - 84 seconds out of a 180 second track (being generous and not counting some of the silence at the end against the total) = 46% source usage

I think the big issue here is the first 42 seconds of the arrangement don't seem to have any connection to the source material. I would love to be proven wrong here if there's something I'm missing, but right now, this is very middle-heavy in terms of source usage, which gives this a more liberal feel than it would if the source was spread out more evenly, or if the main Great Bay Coast melody was introduced earlier. With my current assessment, I'm inclined to NO this on the grounds of the source not being dominant enough.

Production-wise, I thought this was pretty appropriate for surf rock, although the lead guitar was just a bit too quiet. That's really my only qualm, everything else worked well for the genre you were shooting for. I'm curious to see if other judges agree with my breakdown or if they picked up on something I may have missed! Enjoyable track in its own right either way, Daniel! This would be a pretty easy resubmission in my book if the source usage was just more dominant.

NO (resubmit)


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  • Chimpazilla changed the title to 2019/12/08 - (2N) Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask "Surfing in the Haunted Sea"

Not trying to be glib, but just make it more recognizable and melodious. I hear what you're doing with the arrangement even in the first :42 seconds, where you've altered the rhythm of the notes. (Play the source at 2x and you can hear the connection better; it's a reference of the lead from :06-:21 of the source.) I still think the way you've changed the notes as well though makes this sound too different from the source melody and unrecognizable as an arrangement of it, which is saying something for a source that's so simple to begin with. I also thought the :42-1:17 section wasn't recognizable either despite Emu's notes, so it's a tough sell overall, IMO. Seems like you actually need to play this more melodically straightforward, Daniel, and I'd argue that what's here was capably produced but not melodious or catchy.

NO (resubmit)

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