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OCR04156 - *YES* Guardian Legend "Arboreality"


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Contact Info:
ReMixer name: about:blank
Real name: Chris Bouchard
Email address: 

ReMix info:
Name of game ReMixed: The Guardian Legend
Name of individual song ReMixed: Dungeon: Area 3, 4 (Forest Sector Air Battle)
ReMix title: Arboreality 

The Guardian Legend has been on my list of games to remix since I discovered this site by looking up the soundtrack on dial-up internet well over a decade ago. The forest corridor music is fairly upbeat, and I had always envisioned creating a fast-paced remix with frenetic keyboard solos, really loud snares, and so on. Once I actually sat down to make this, however, I ended up taking it in the opposite direction.
The result is a slower, atmospheric take on the original. I made chords out of one segment of the original lead melody (at about 0:20 in the original) to create a "chorus," (at about 1:04 in the remix). The part at 2:01 strays a bit from the source material, but builds into a solo that leads back to the original melody. 
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This was always actually one of my least favorite songs on this OSTs; it's nowhere near as catchy as most of the other gold on the soundtrack.

I felt like the surrounding and accompanying elements were mixed in a way where they competed too much with the leads, but perhaps it's just the droning bassline that's the main culprit. Still not a fan of this theme at all, but my hangups don't change the fact that this is a creative, interpretive, and well-executed arrangement.

The ending was just a cutoff for my copy, so if that's what everyone else is hearing, I'll go conditional YES for now on an ending fix.

EDIT (10/13): Ending's fixed and we're good to go! YES

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  • Liontamer changed the title to 2020/01/04 - (1C) Guardian Legend "Arboreality"
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Nice gritty atmospheric opening. The digital glitchy synths create a solid soundscape. Instruments change around and take turns as the arrangement progresses, creating a good level of interest. Drums tend to plod along a bit, it would’ve been nice to have heard these change up a bit. Some of the layer heavy sections at 2:45 lose a bit of clarity. The production/mixing side is otherwise ok. The mix cuts off at the end for me too, I’m with Larry that we really need a clean print of this if possible.

Update 200924 re: end fix

YES (now ok)

Edited by Jivemaster
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oh, that's a nice vibe when everything comes in at 0:28. the crunchy synths are fun to hear. there's some significant subbass going on too which is also really smooth. i didn't feel like the background or bass competed with the leads, so that might be more speaker/headphone dependent. it is significant so bass-boosted headphones would probably bark a lot at that.

like jive i really like the digital glitchiness, and i think it adds a lot to listen to on subsequent listens. the drums are indeed fairly straightforward, it doesn't sound there's a lot of consistent change-up there but they're doing what's needed to keep it moving. i did really like at 2:45 when it really got big.

this is an easy vote. the track oozes interesting things to hear alongside a good adaptation of the original. nice work. ending is a cutoff so that does need to get fixed, easy enough.



YES (conditional on fixing ending)

edit: updated ending is a go. YES

Edited by prophetik music
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  • prophetik music changed the title to 2020/01/04 - (3C) Guardian Legend "Arboreality"
  • Jivemaster changed the title to 2020/01/04 - (2Y/1C) Guardian Legend "Arboreality"
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Ooh, this is a great twist!  You changed the time signature from 4/4 to 6/8, allowed the C section to get built on chords (1:04, 3:18), and allowed the other components to drive the rest of the melodic progression forward.  Using the first half of the C section like this does sound more farfetched at first, but the full melody addition later on in the first use (1:33) both works with and justifies the applied technique.  Admittedly, the comping in the third minute does meander away from the source's foundations, but the dominance elsewhere doesn't make it too hindering.

The presentation works amazingly well, too.  The effect work on the synths are sublime with all of their different tones and articulations, the clarity is spot on, and some of the trippier glitching and detune effects add more to the immersion.  There are two minor concerns, however.  Firstly, the average RMS is a decibel or two higher than what YouTube standards expect, and while it's not a kicker, it serves as a caution to watch out on your mastering.  Secondly, I sensed there not being as much in the mid-highs than the lower half of the EQ spectrum, though the later use of polysynth pads and SID-sounding leads negate this whenever they make their presence.

I'm with Larry on the source, to be honest - a straightforward and forgettable one, but turning it to an opposite mood with such execution is a sure-fire way to get it to stand out.  Good work, Chris!


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