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*NO* Final Fantasy 9 "The Ritual"

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Here's my submission of a track from Final Fantasy IX.
Submission information:
Game: Final Fantasy IX
Arrangement Name: The Ritual
Song arranged: Eternal Harvest
Additional info: track 19 from disc 3 of "Beyond the Mist" by Pixel Mixers
Contact information:
ReMixer name: infinitytone
Real name: Karol Kosacki
userid: 34463
Hope you have fun listening and have a great week!
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This has no chance with these samples, IMO, because the timing of everything's so rigid and the guitar samples sound so fake. I get that this is leaning into that sound, since this isn't trying to outright sound like an electric guitar, but you have backing electric guitar chugs and drums that are meant to sound more realistic, so the contrast doesn't work. The arrangement's spirited, so Karol did a nice job there, but the samples pull this down on a production level.


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  • Liontamer changed the title to 2020/02/17 - (1N) Final Fantasy 9 "The Ritual"

There's some really cool stuff going on here - some excellent transitions and heavy chugs. Production seems pretty nice across the board, and the arrangement is thoroughly interpretive. The ending came on a little suddenly for me, but it's not a huge deal. 

Personally, my issue is solely with the lead guitar - the rhythm guitars sound passably convincing in this context, and the drums/bass are just fine, but the lead guitar is just not expressive or humanized enough to pass muster. I personally think you could push this over the bar just with getting a live performer to play that lead line. Since the lead guitar is present through so much of the mix, unfortunately there's really no way around the fact that the lead performance is rigid and lacks the human quality that a live guitarist will naturally introduce into their performance.

NO (resubmit)

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  • Emunator changed the title to 2020/02/17 - (2N) Final Fantasy 9 "The Ritual"

The lead guitar does certainly sound out of place. Nothing wrong with using samples, however the blippy nature of the notes dampens the immersion of the performance in comparison to the rhythm parts, giving things a bit of a robotic feel through the majority of the track. Production is otherwise ok. Arrangement could have used some further variety/originality. I think there is promise here. If the execution of the lead could be improved, perhaps by letting notes run into each other naturally, I think we’d be a lot closer.


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