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Haha Yes! BMIIDX - Traces (Tracing The Noize Mix) Attemp 3 :P Totally gettin in!


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Interesting. A couple of comments:

- (this may not be totally accurate) Your kick may have a little sustain/release on it, if it does, get rid of it or make it as small as possible. Since you go crazy with your kick at points, it would be wise to have it nice and snappy.

- The hats stand out too much. It hides the piano/synths (plus the treble is a little irritating to the ears.)

- The cymbal also has too high of a treble.

Main issue I think are the hats standing out far too much. Turn them down, do a little more overall mastering, and I think you'll be good to go.

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yea ive noticed that about the hats. I need them at a certain volume where you can hear them, without them standing out too much. Maybe I will lower the treble on them. Same with the crash.

I'll see what it sounds like with a punchier kick too. Thanks. Maybe I'll just make a copy of the kick, and use the shortened one for faster kick notes.

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Aight ok, so after another mastering session with this thing, I have come out with revision 4. Let me know whats good/bad/etc.

DJ SymBiotix - Traces (Tracing The Noize Mix)

Edit:..hmm... I think I'm having some issues trying to make the bass work with this.. I want you to be able to hear it, but I dont want it to overpower stuff.. I'm finding this hard to achieve <_<

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Route everything but the bass & kick to a channel that rolls off the lower frequencies. I.e.route your synths & other effects on that channel, leaving the bass & kick to be full without eating up the rest of the stuff, while still maintaining the power & oomph of the bass without raising it really loud volume wise.

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The mastering is much better dude, I really like the general sound and the composition. Nice intro.

Overall the thing that gets me is that the same sounds are used over a 6 minute piece. :( Your arrangement def covers the full 6 minutes but the sounds don't. Maybe introduce a nice violin lead or guitar somewhere. In a week I promise you'll be able to make some sweet lead/plucked guitar action in this only using Reason. :-D

A nice big boomy kick used in select places will up the energy level and dynamics alot. Like at 3:35 and 3:43 for ezample.

Strings at 3:03 are very thin compared to the intro. It's too much of a drop off in terms of energy from that crazy ass synth solo to those strings. Make em thick and full and stereo image em like a mofo. Any type of FX rain, thunder, whispers etc... might go well there.

That synth solo still kicks serious ass...

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UGH!!! It got rejected again, this time because there is only like 33% arranged stuff, and the rest is my own...

But was I wrong? Your reaction doesn't seem to say so. Like I said, to me, it's a shame that I didn't notice the lopsidedness of the original material vs. the IIDX arrangement, because a lot of effort wouldn't have been given to revise this for our standards. I did learn however that your writing skills are pretty good. So good here, that I took the all of the writing for granted as being arranged from "Traces", that's how seamless it was IMO.

As for giving up, as far as this one track being an OC ReMix, sure. Your vision for it ended up not being suitable from an interpretation perspective. But this is still a solid piece of music, a good goal in and of itself.

We revised the submissions standards to be a lot clearer a few days ago. Section 4, part 3 says "The source material must be identifiable and dominant." In the future, and this is just my personal POV, once you go over 50% of the track arranging the source, you've tabled the question of whether the VGM you're tributing is "dominant."

I don't think you should be discouraged from subbing new material in the future, Fernando. Yours was a rare situation here where the lack of arrangement simply wasn't picked up on and you had an otherwise promising track that Js saw potential in, hence all the critique trying to help get it above bar.

But even if you decide you don't want to submit material in the future, and that's your choice, I'll be looking forward to your future material and hope you'll still be plugging it via the VGM arrangement community.

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heh, well I was a little upset when I wrote that, but I've calmed down since then. Yes I realize what you said was pretty much on the ball. I am pretty dissapointed, and Im definitely not going to continue this for OCR, but I will submit more stuff once I am able to get to it.

I guess I should be flattered that you thought more of it was arranged from traces since I guess that means I captured the source theme/material very well. I am really happy that you guys enjoy the song, and that it is a very solid piece in itself. Again, I was really hoping to get it in to OCR, since there arent very many DDR Remixes.

To be completely honest, I first started wanting to contribute here because, well frankly people get alot of acknowledgement if they get a good remix up on this site, and I really dont think some of my stuff gets as much recognition as it probably should. I kinda feel very overlooked in the music comunity and I'm trying really hard to get recognized in some way :P.

Anyways, thanks for helping me with this mix in particular, it helped me learn alot. The problem with this one now, is that I just have no more interest in it, and dont feel like redoing it again :P.

So yea, thanks to the OCR Judges and community, and I look forward to making some new stuff in the future.

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actually, if I may I'd like to say a few things about the mix and the source tune that it seems like you may have missed.

I'm just gonna go through the whole thing.

0 - :49 is pretty muched based on TaQ's Stromatolite intro, but this isnt from traces :P.

:49 - 1:20 were based on the main Traces piano Melody.

Right after that, starting at 1:20, that synth line that plays in the background is based off that synth line at :52 of the traces mp3 I gave you guys. Though, since you didnt notice, maybe the arrangement of that line was a little too liberal?

So technically 1:20 to 3:02 is technically from the source... but the more I listen to it, the more I realize that synth line was changed too much <_<. I think it was more like the original in my first version.

Also in the middle slow part, the first piano part was based on the main piano melody again, I pretty much placed the original in there and added notes around it. Thought I might have changed that too much as well. lol

I guess there was alot more I thought I had kept close to the source tune. heh you could check, but the more I think about it, I think you may be right. hehe oh well

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