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OCR04193 - *YES* Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles "Together, We'll Shine"


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Remixer name:   Bluelighter (ID 21840)

Real Name:  Guillaume SAUMANDE


Game & Songs: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles  & Starry Moonlit Night  Orgel of Water

Composer: Kumi TANIOKA



Bluelighter: Piano



Here is a piano arrangement of the song theme of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. K. Tanioka really made an interesting work on this OST, completely played by ROBA HOUSE, a band of medieval music. Never heard in video game music!

Arranging this in piano was a good way to feel the original mood of the song. Sometimes peaceful, other times rhythmed, this arrangement came naturally. It concluded by “Orgel of Water”, light melody perfect to finish the arrangement :)




Starry moonless night

·        0’00 Melodic Line 1

·        0’33 ML2

·        1’00 ML1

·        1’25 ML2

·        1’53 ML3

·        2’25 ML4

·        3’09 ML1

·        3’34 ML2

Orgel of water : ML5



·        1-

o   Peaceful

o   0’00 intro

o   0’13 ML3

·        2-

o   0’40 ML1

o   1’06 ML2

o   1’28 ML1

·        3-

o   Rhythmed

o   1’50 ML2

o   2’07 ML3

o   2’32 ML4

o   Arpeggios 2’46 ML4

·        4-

o   Rhythmed

o   3’06 ML1

o   3’30 free

·        5-

o   Peaceful

o   3’54 ML5

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  • 2 months later...

Things get started pretty quickly, without much build-up. The piano tone sounds decent. The pacing works well. At 1:32 we hit sections with a bit more emotion, with stronger velocity, which is appreciated. The transition at 2:32 was a bit abrupt and could have been built into more. The playful section at 3:06 also had a similar issue, though not as abrupt. The ending plays out well with it's on unique flavour. The arrangement here does take a while to get going at the beginning of the piece, with quite a lot of repetitiveness in the parts, though things develop nicely over time. Production is decent, with piano using the stereo space well. The quieter sections are worked in well. A good performance overall.


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  • Jivemaster changed the title to 2020/01/29 - (1Y) Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles "Together, we'll shine"
  • 3 weeks later...

I'm afraid I'll have to disagree with Joel regarding the arrangement's introduction.  You opened with the intro's chords, then went straight into adapting the middle flute section.  It's such an unexpected way to start the interpretation off - and while this rendition technically isn't a sonata in form, the first 40 seconds certainly has the draw of one.  Otherwise, the structure goes through the whole source straight with "Orgel of Water" attached to the end.  It's not too cerebral on paper, but the mood variations across all verse and chorus appearances are worthy compromises.

The first one at 0:42 opens things appropriately with middle-oriented keys.  The second verse at 1:29 varied the melody line while shifting a whole octave higher before going more dramatic with the chorus.  I felt it was smart to overlap the last two bars of the hook with the first two of the bridge - good catch.  The altered chord modulations and rhythm emphasis for the final verse at 3:12 changed things up on a tonal level as well - though, there was also a very sudden jump from the rubato focus in the previous section.  A way to smoothen out the transition would be nice to have but is still okay to take in as it is.

The performance is as wild as I usually expect from you - very natural and raw.  I would've liked the pacing at 2:32 to be less jumpy and tighter in tempo, but it only accounts for 15 seconds of the track, so it's not a significant concern.  Mentioning your choice of piano tone and presentation would be like a broken record at this point - on par with previous works, and gotten the best out of the performance alone.  Again, when the track gets loud, the accents get muffled from your compression - and based on what I already said on your FF5 mixpost, I'm sure you've got an idea on how to tame it.  It's postable as it is, thanks in part to the strength behind the quieter sections and the staccato emphasis at 2:32.

As a collective whole, the pros outweigh the cons.  It's a lovely piano adaptation with plenty of expression variations, human performance, and a stable presentation.  Let's get this posted!


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  • Rexy changed the title to 2020/01/29 - (2Y) Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles "Together, we'll shine"
  • 1 month later...

beautiful opening, and the very warm piano tone really fits the feel. the presentation of the melody at 0:42 is fairly straightforward, but flows well and is voiced well. i agree with rexy that this is a very organic performance - there's a lot of fluctuations of tempo, but it works well to keep it feeling very real.

the big dynamic jump at 1:51 was sudden but well-played. this entire section until 2:33 is a bit more hammering and intense, and it wasn't really the same feel as the beginning. the subsequent marcato section was fun but had a lot of timing issues to my ears. not unenjoyable, but definitely noticeable. the quick shift to quieter playing was a nice transition as well.

3:05 definitely feels like a recap, and does a nice job going through the melodic content again before the extended ending/outro. the last five or six seconds of playing are really well-handled. there's a lot of extra silence at the end that can be trimmed.

from a mastering perspective, this is much more dynamic than we usually get for submissions, but the instrumental medium supports it well so i didn't mind. i thought the piano sounded great throughout, and felt very well-performed and well-supported.

this is a pretty easy vote. nice work as always.




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  • prophetik music changed the title to 2020/01/29 - (3Y) Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles "Together, we'll shine"
  • 5 weeks later...

My fellow judges have far more eloquently expressed the beauty of this track, so this is just going to be a quick cosign from me. The piano tone is warm and absolutely well suited for the performance, and the sample quality holds up even during the more dramatic dynamic jumps. There's so many rhythmic changeups throughout the duration of the track, it's really stunning that you managed to weave it all together so seamlessly like you did. 



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