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Megaman Zero 3 - Cannonball Remix "Big Sword Energy" (Formerly 'LoFiBodyFunk')


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This came from playing around with the bassline rhythm a bit and then building on it, which gave it a different feel than the rock sound we're pretty used to.

So I leaned into it, pulling reference from the SNES Ninja Turtles beat em up, and it just didn't sound the way I wanted, so I left it for a while.

Then when I decided to use the theme from Char's Counterattack (a Mobile Suit Gundam movie) as a means to try figuring out Lo-fi sounds, I realized the feel that I was building with this wasn't meant for a really fast BPM. So I slowed it way down and replaced the drum beat with the lo-fi beat I had from the other.

Let me know what you think.

Original Build: LoFiBodyFunk


EDIT: Okay, so I revisited this one after learning a bit more of the software and plug ins (learned a lot trying to emulate Madeon's sound for the song Freckles from Rurouni Kenshin), and thought I'd use the Cybersynth pack on this song too. Layered a little in there for the atmosphere.

This leans a lot more into the funk feel, but feels a LOT less Lo Fi.

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Overhaul of the song, updated title
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Sorry for the delay on the response! Life got a bit chaotic for me leading up to the holidays.

I appreciate your feedback on this one, and I definitely felt that too. The synths were changed around to try to avoid some of the higher pitches that happened.

I had to do some more research on Lo-Fi for a project I was working on, and I wasn't entirely aware of the parameters for the genre. Bit too high on the tempo for it, among a few other key things. But I felt that any slower than 94 BPM dragged a little...and I wasn't entirely sure how to go forward with it for a bit, so it got shelved for a few weeks.

I ended up adding a few things to my toolkit and workflow in the time in between when I last worked on it and now. And the resulting changes after touching on it, felt like it needed a new name.

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  • bloopasan changed the title to Megaman Zero 3 - Cannonball Remix "Big Sword Energy" (Formerly 'LoFiBodyFunk')

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