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OCR00578 - *YES* Life Force 'Pharoah Land'


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Name: "The Wingless" j.a. burnett

MixName: Lifeforce -- Pharoah Land

Rename .SNG to .MP3

(p.s. I know I submitted something a couple days ago, but I just liked this one so much and it's recently completed, so I thought I'd give it a shot anyways ^_^)

Composer: ???? Unknown

Copyright: Konami

Track Name: Level 5

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Overall, nice mix. I'm a sucker for combining orchestral and techno instruments, which can sound very cool when done right. And I think you did it almost right. A few comments, though:

- The strings come in much too abruptly at the beginning. Try building up to them more.

- A little more ephasis on the drums would be nice. They're there, but barely.

- The transitions and the ending are pretty questionable, but they work... sort of.

- I would suggest adding a tad more reverb, as the mix sounds pretty dry as it is.

So there you have it. A 'yes' on this one.

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My attempt at a review.

There's something I'm not liking about the strings, some notes it hits that sound bad to me.

Otherwise it's sounding good and koolidge.

That effect at 1:44 is an interesting effect, but it almost seems like it was just thrown in for the hell of it, as it doesn't seem to relate to the rest of the song.

Not fond of the way it ends. The quiet piano notes are nice, but that strange sound effect bugs me.

All in all, the good outweighs the bad for sure.

I give this song a yes.

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What I found negative: The break in the flow at 1:41-1:46. I agree with Rob1. It seems thrown in for the hell of it. The 3 seconds of silence from 2:09-2:12. I thought the song was over!

Subjective: The last 7 seconds that have the barely audible piano is a bit of a teaser, but I like that concept so I won't nit-pick it too much.

It's a good tune and a great mix.

btw...the nsf is on zophar's and believe it or not, I was listening to that more than the rearranged track!

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