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OCR04162 - Golden Sun "Force of Nature"

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I have to 1000% percent agree that this is excellent for a Golden Sun trailer for a future game or especially a movie.

From the start to :44, we'd get this lovely introduction to the main character Isaac and town that he lives in.  From :45 to 1:20, there'd be some shots of the journey/world outside and some uses of Psynergy.  From 1:21 to 2:00, there'd be heightened moments such as a fight, seeing the antagonists (including Alex), and a grand moment or two from the story (such as a quick shot of the fight on top of Mercury or Venus Lighthouse).  All throughout, there'd be the descriptive things about it being this magical journey for one character, all the things they say to sell an epic adventure movie.  At that 2:01 mark, we'd get one last bit of text, followed by a slow magical appearance of the title.

I'd totally go see it, especially with this kind of song driving the trailer.

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