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Hmm, I dig the approach! The main synth leaves something to be desired. It is kinda plain I think? I don't know much about synths when it comes to editing and making them but I think this is just a little too dull to be the star of the show. I don't suggest going crazy with it. But I think I wish it had some more sparkle, grit, or something that just made it stand out, while still being able to carry a melody.

Other than that, sometimes I wish I had some more umph in the bass but hey, that could just be YouTube not being very good quality. Also, the second verse is not varied enough from the first and could use some other layers or even just some melodic variation to justify a second go around.

That being said, the sound is—at the risk of sounding super corny—groovy! Haha, I was jamming a little while I was outside. I like it and would be excited to hear a more detailed version in the future. Cheers!

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