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OCR00461 and OCR01059 are missing from ocremix.org

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There are two items (OCR00461 - Adventure Island 'Higgins Goes to Miami' OC ReMix and OCR01059 - Super Castlevania IV 'Belmont Mix' OC ReMix) whose URLs on ocremix.org yield 404. They are also labeled as "ReMoved" on MusicBrainz. But they are not mentioned in the changelog, and they are still present in the torrent.

It seems to me that these items should either be:
A. restored on ocremix.org; or
B. removed from the torrent and added to the changelog.

Or is there some other explanation for the current situation?

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Posted (edited)

This question was originally part of the MusicBrainz thread here:

Where @Liontamer responded thusly:

21 hours ago, Liontamer said:

2. We need to get those added back on the live site, and they are indeed part of the catalog. djp needs to either find the old writeups or just put in some new ones if the original ones are lost to time.

Cool, thanks for clarifying that. For what it's worth, I searched on the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine, and Google Cache, and YouTube (including this playlist) for both #461 and #1059, but couldn't find them. The only information I could find about them is from their ID3's comment tags:

Here's OCR00461:



Arrangement of the NES game, salsa style. This is the first stage, arranged with physically modelled brass and real guitar. Drums and Latin percussion are done salsa style, though the piece gets a little busy for salsa near the end. This is maybe my strongest example of expanding the original songs into "what the composer had in mind" - it's definitely the most "real" Latin/jazz NES soundtrack ever.

A lot of people hear this kind of music on the radio and go "LATIN! UGH! ALL THE SAME!" but it's really incredibly diverse, and often the bands are so tight and skillful (and syncopated!) that you can't help but be awestruck when you try to compose it. It's great rhythmic practice.

Jake Kaufman


But sadly, the author's URL is defunct now.

Here's OCR01059:



This is a dance remix of the Super Castlevania IV song "Simon's Theme."


JD Harding


Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help with this.

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