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  1. Sure, but the removal was ages ago. As djpretzel outlined in this mixpost, JD Harding (and prozax and virt) had their removed mixes added back onto the site. http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR03049 But for some reason, "Belmont Mix" is missing.
  2. I downloaded the site's library via torrent and have been listening to the ReMixes one by one (makes for good study music while I prepare for the bar exam). I noticed that OCR1059, "Belmont Mix" by JD Harding from Super Castlevania IV doesn't have a page on the site. When I click "Next" from OCR1058, it takes me straight to 1060. Is the page for the ReMix missing somewhere?
  3. Here's an animation that someone had made to the song. Danny B had posted about it several years ago somewhere else on the site.
  4. Wow, that string quartet rendition of the Chrono Trigger theme is excellent. Excited for this album!
  5. After listening to this song, I can't hear anything properly. Everything is filtered through a groovy lens. Truly, my senses will never be the same. Amazingly innovative, funky, fun. Having read the original decision, I'm curious what the original sounded like. This was wacky, but never out of kilter or loose. I like how you brought things mellow in the middle, then slowly amped back up for the end of the song.
  6. You can always count on Tetrimino for smart arrangements that make excellent use of all four instruments. Really like the Dearly Beloved breakdown and showcasing each individual band member. I like the tasteful use of cymbals from 5:21-5:24. Really good run up to the ending of a satisfying piece.
  7. Haha, yeah, I can't believe I used to do all that. Actually, breaststroke ended up being the toughest part for me. The lateral leg motion was killer on my knees, which is one of the reasons I had to give up swimming. That, and the chlorine. Also, if anyone is looking for a new handle, I nominate Lateral Leg Motion.
  8. I used to go by I.Medley because I was on the swim team in high school, and my event was the individual medley (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle.) I don't swim much anymore, but do more writing. I wanted something to do with words. I immediately thought of a phrase from the Nintendo DS game "The World Ends With You." During one of the attacks, the main character says "Another world awaits." Hence, my handle, and the belief that there is always more to be written.
  9. As others have pointed out, smart arrangement and very well executed! Great touch having the bass fill between violin phrases. Love that bass run 2:02-2:03. Shoot, just love that bass in general. Well done!
  10. Very transportive. I was skeptical of a medley, but this piece wove the different sources together well. I agree with the judges that some of the percussion elements were overused (particularly the chimes), but overall a solid piece. Looking forward to the next one!
  11. Amazing. Love the snapping at the top. Very cohesive, smart arrangement, well mixed. Can we get a breakdown of who is playing what?
  12. Would like my name changed from "I.Medley" to "Another Word Awaits", please.
  13. Awesome. I don't really have a need for motion capture right now, but if it comes up, I'll make sure to ask. Thanks. Hey, could we meet up sometime on campus? I'd like to hear more about what kind of work you are doing.
  14. Oh, okay, I didn't know you did your undergrad at Berkeley. Well, thanks for the welcome. What kind of work are you doing there? Is it a permanent position?
  15. Oh yeah, I remember this. I was walking out of class one Tuesday around 5, which is when the Cal band practices. I could hear them practice on the field near the stadium. As I was walking down the hill, I thought "Is that...Tetris?" I walked over to the field, and heard the rest of their routine. It was pretty cool to hear it. I haven't actually been to one of the games this semester (time/money issues), so I haven't gotten to see the show. I'll have to watch the video later. Also: Welcome to Berkeley, po! Where are you working at? How are you adjusting to the city?
  16. I would totally love to be there, especially because I missed the last one. However, come July I will be in China, teaching English to junior high students. Have fun with this.
  17. Just go to the upper right corner, near the video game character icon. Under all those letters, you'll see "community" Scroll over it to get a drop down box. Go down to forums, and a second box will appear with all the forums on it. Offtopic is there, along with the other forums.
  18. So just put them on one CD, then. There's nothing keeping you from doing so.
  19. The songs are the teaser site were meant to be just that: a teaser. They are not intended to be released. In some instances, the songs can't even be completed (as is the case with Groove Basin, which was lost after Rayza's hard drive crashed). I take it you mean Sand Cafe by Darkesword, not Live at the Sandopolis by BrainCells.
  20. The official announcement from djp about this whole business.
  21. Hm, how is this any different from ormgas (http://oc.ormgas.com/ocmain.php)?
  22. Yeah, as Arek said, I play trombone. At least, I used to, since I haven't practiced in 3 months. I'm not really a knowledgeable trombonist, though. I just play for fun. I know that Mazedude plays trombone. He used to, at least. He has a remix up that features himself on trombone.
  23. criticism? yes. constructive criticism? no How is this not constructive? Simply redo the song without lyrics, and it will sound better. A lot of other reviewers seem to feel the same. "You sang. I threw it in the trash." There's really no sense in trying to defend that manner of criticism as constructive. You missed my point. I threw it away because I felt the lyrics ruined the song. I've heard several remixes that involved lyrics that sounded quite nice. This wasn't one of them. The music itself is fine. That doesn't really negate the fact that your criticism wasn't very constructive at all. You didn't mention why you thought the vocals were bad (the tone of Dan's voice, the recording quality, the lyrics themselves, etc.) Not to mention that you wrote that you immediately erased the file once Dan started singing, implying that you didn't listen to the song the whole way through, which lends your review less credibility. This doesn't mean your point isn't relevant. If your opinion is that the vocals diminished the appeal of the song, then that's perfectly fine. But don't try to defend your original statement as constructive criticism. When I originally heard this song, I was certainly surprised. I haven't played Sonic 3 too much, but I know this song from Rayza and RTF/Prophet of Mephisto's versions. This is certainly a different vocal style from Invertebrate Retreat, but it's similar in that it's awesome. Love the piano solo ending. Certainly not a song open to broad appeal, but I enjoyed it.
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