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*NO* Star Fox "AFD" *RESUB*


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Original decision

Good Evening!

Thanks loads for the feedback, and for the encouragement! We hope both are reflected in this resubmission (also attached).
(also, I've tidied up our submission information some, the devil is in the details after all!)
Game: Starwing
Arrangement title: AFD
Song Arranged: Corneria Theme
AFD (All Fucking Day) is dedicated to all key-workers.
James Bartlam (Cyber-Byte) - Beatbox
Andrew Bell - Bass, Production
Chris Binding - Guitar
Steve Brunton (B Stephens) - Arrangement
Graeme Cooper (x Critical Strike x) - LSDJ
Thanks once again!
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The guitar chugs and mouth percussion still sounded so lossy, some of the other low-end stuff just filled up frequencies but I couldn't pick out any distinct part-writing, and the mixing's just not clear/clean enough. A great example where it all just mushes together is the chorus section from :51-1:04, though I'd argue it's all still cluttered for basically the rest of the track. Not trying to be harsh, but I'm not sure how this happened when the textures aren't too complex.

Unfortunately, I'm still with the same verdict in that the arrangement's a pass, but the mixing drags the production side of the equation below the bar. I know Emunator had a bunch of more specific feedback last time around, but this could use other musicians' ears who could better speak to what exactly is hurting the overall sound of this. The potential is still here, so I hate to push back again, but here we be.

NO (resubmit)

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This resubmission certainly fixes the issue with the harshness of the original mix, so my ears are grateful for that! However, as a result, you've backslid a bit too far in the other direction and taken all of the bite out of the high end entirely and now the mix sounds muddy and imbalanced toward the low end. 

When evaluating this, I have your new version and old version lined up with each other, and when A/B comparing, one mixdown is clearly treble heavy and one is bass heavy. Curiously enough, when I play both of the tracks in tandem at 50% volume each, the track actually sounds way better, to the point where I literally think you just need to find a midpoint between these two mixdowns, and you'll be golden. 

I hate to bounce this back without a ton of new input, but if you want to get in touch with me directly, I'd love to workshop this with you and get into the weeds, because I want to see this track posted! Your arrangement and performances are, and always have been, very strong. Keep at it!

NO (resubmit!)

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  • Emunator changed the title to 2021/01/17 - (2N) Star Fox "AFD"
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i didn't vote on the original, so i'm coming in clean.

it's so mushy. the opening 25 seconds are some fun chippy stuff over a bucket of guacamole. it seriously sounds like the bass is next door and it's being recorded through the wall. the chips have some really fun performance parts, and there's some really fun ideas with the arrangement chirping up here and there. but the guitars are very lossy (and panned pretty far left), and the bass is just very low-heavy. the drums suffer a lot because you can't hear the kick or head impacts hardly at all, and the high end seems to be pretty cut out.

i'm echoing the others here. this needs to be brighter by a lot. some serious notching to shelf in your different non-chip instruments will help a lot too so there's not so much in the same area.




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