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OCR Locked in Firefox

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I don't usually need technical help(it's typically the other way around, sheesh) but I can't figure this one out.

Windows XP Home

Firefox 2.0

IE 6.0

I've spent the last few days away in Florida, and I turned my computer off before I left. Before the trip I could post, read PMs, etc, just fine. When I get back and log in on Firefox though, EVERYTHING is locked. Meaning, when I look at the forum index, all the FORUMS are shown as locked and I can't post in any of them(although I can read them). Although oddly enough, the topics show normally, with some locked and most not. Even PMs are locked! When I try to access my PMs it says:

"Private messaging has been disabled on this board."

So after clearing my cache to no avail, I try to access the forums in IE 6. It works like a charm and the layout is completely different from what I'm used to.

So for those who usually use IE, has the layout changed in the past couple days or something? Any clue at all as to what might be going on here?


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You bookmarked the old phpBB of OCR on Firefox. Clear that and try again.

It is precisely as Ayres said. We switched from phpBB to vBulletin over the weekend, an entirely new forum software. That's why everything looks different. We're still working out some kinks. Feel free to browse around and check out the new features.

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