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An ambient House of the Dead remix (Am I OCremix material?)

Ronald Poe

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Hello, I'm Ronald Poe. I'm an eccentric electronic musician (I specialize in Dark Ambient and my own unique style). I've wanted to get a game remix/arrangement on OCRemix for many years but am not sure if I can reach the standards (I have bad anxiety). Could someone please give me tips and/or advice to succeed. Sorry if this is the wrong section.

I made these in FL Studio and think they sound decent. I'm curious if there's other pieces of video game music you think I should try. I'm also a massive fan of Kingdom Hearts.

Here's a couple pieces of mine (one original and one a remix). These are just demo on my youtube account.



"Emperor's Theme" (House of the Dead 2). This is the original version of the second piece for reference.

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I think as far as general direction, it's fine but I think you need more of the original's theme in there personally. Like it is almost so ambient that it lacks a relationship to the original imo. This could actually just be a result of the repetitiveness of the remix though? Like there isn't a lot going on it seems. There seems to be something trying to build but if often backs away once it's gone and done its thing. 

As far as production values are concerned, I don't think the instruments or sounds themselves are the problem so much as they seem to be massively clipping. Is that on purpose? I think overall it just seems there is a lack of overall direction in the remix. Just kinda...is? I think there is more to be pulled out of there. Like to see what you can do in the future. Cheers!

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