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OCR04246 - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time "I Can't Go On (I'll Goron)"

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I read the title as Lil Goron and was expecting a reggae jam, hah. I really dig Zas' deliberately hodgepodge style of stitching these songs together, almost like a patchwork quilt. I'd like to hear his finished OoT album one day.

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As I'm listening to this, my mind is carried on a meandering tour through warm torchlit corridors revealing vignettes of the simple daily life of the Goron. They bustle hither and thither in their subterranean streets lined with crates, barrels, ropes, and market carts displaying the day's freshest rocks! As the sun slowly sets, I see Goron gather on their doorsteps, warming up their voices or their various improvised instruments to prepare for the village's evening ritual of communal music. What a lovely journey! (And it sounds like one made it a tad late to the festivities at the very end. ^-^ )

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