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Microsoft to Buy Activision Blizzard for $69 BILLION

The Damned

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And Bobby Kotick gets to stay in charge! Win-Win for everyone!

Except for all the staff that will be laid off for "financial stability".

And the fans that will now se their favorite games become X-Box exclusive, after how many years of being multi-platform.

And all the people that Kotick accuse of all the nasty stuff he allowed and personally did, as he now gets a cut of that buyout, making him even richer.

But still! WIN-WIN!

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*shrug* I guess the exclusivity thing just doesn't seem all that bad to me. MS already puts all of their stuff out on both Xbox and PC, so there's options, at least. I guess if you've only got a Playstation and are interested in playing the latest from ABK, you're probably out of luck, but at a certain point you just buy the console that has the games you want or get into PC gaming. Online gaming is less fragmented these days with stuff like cross-play too, so that's less of an issue.

It remains to be seen how hard MS goes on exclusivity; ABK made a lot of money on their Playstation games, so the value proposition of using exclusivity to push sales of consoles might not actually be all that high. MS might find it more profitable to keep publishing the games that have traditionally always been multi-platform on non-Xbox devices to keep that revenue stream going. I think Phil Spencer once said that he'd love to have Game Pass on all of the consoles; I think he understands the value of using multi-platform publishing in a strategic way.

I know there's an argument against monolithic corporate consolidation in gaming, but there's still a lot of game devs around that are on their own (AAA, mid-tier, and indie). I think Microsoft buying up ABK and, fingers-crossed, cleaning up some of the really bad workplace environment stuff we've been hearing about can only be a good thing.

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All the worry about exclusives to XBox, like that wasn't already a thing.

Meanwhile, any Nintendo fan has been dealing with that for about 40 years now (Famicom in 1983).

And I agree with the idea of "buy the system that has the games you want" because... that's how it's always been. There was never any reason for buying a console because it was made by a certain manufacturer. You bought that system because it had the games you wanted on it.

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