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Need help finding a certain website...


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So, I want to buy a certain mother board which can be seen here.


And the only place I can find it at is www.mini-itx.com , which is notorious for being twice as expensive as newegg and other online computer stores. A memory chip that should cost $50 to $60 would cost about $100 there. My problem is that I can't find a reliable web site at which I can actually buy said motherboard. Anyone have any ideas where I can reliably get this thing at a less-than-outrageous price? I'd appreciate it a lot.

p.s. The reason I want this motherboard is because I want to put a PC inside of a Gamecube chassis and, of course, I need a very small motherboard to do so. thanks.

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yeah, I saw a bunch of projects at mini itx and just wanted to make my own. the mobo is 12 by 12 cm and the GC chassis is about 11.5 by 17 cm so it might be a bit tricky, but i think you could make up the difference with creative use of a dremel.

anyway, if i can't get this one, maybe i'll get a slightly bigger, more powerful mobo and do a ps2 pc instead.

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I'm having trouble loading that site. Someone want to post what model it is?

It's called the Via Epia NL. Via being the manufacturer.

On the other hand Pyrion, thanks for the link. Though it's not quite small enough in that the form factor I'm looking for is nano itx. I haven't yet tried pricewatch. I'll have to give it a go. Thanks for the suggestion.

EDIT: ok, for anyone who is interested, I did manage to find a website where the same motherboard is $40 cheaper (being $340), but it's still a bit expensive. Now though I don't feel like I'm chopping my own arm off. plus, it ships from within the US! Anyway, the website is www.logicsupply.com I'm not quite sure how reliable they are, but they seem pretty legit.

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