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Dancing Mad - Final Fantasy VI (Symphonic Arrangement)


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  • 2 months later...

Have to admit. little bit jealous of orchestra producers. Your sounds are always so grand!

Srry, don't have much feedback. It sounds amazing!

In some parts it sounds unclear in the sense that too many instruments do too much or too many things at the same time, if that makes sense...

Yeah, that's it! Thank you for sharing!

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Hearing any kind of remake/reorchestration of this monstrous piece always reminds me of its complexity. So, anyone who tackles it has my full respect and acknowledgement!

That being said, you delivered a solid and very convincing reorchestration from my technical point of view; as a pipe organist, I feel a bit sad that this piece has an organ in it already so I don't feel urged to put a second one on top of it... :-D Instruments choice is straight to the point to mimic the OST, however -- according to my personal taste -- this piece is a good candidate for bigger, more reverberant space and acoustics. IMHO, I think this could provide the listener with a more "massive" listening impression (which is definitely the intention of a final boss theme) and, as some sort of "bonus", would blur a bit of the synthetic nature of the samples used in your arrangement into a somewhat more "natural" feeling. But...that's just a thought and my personal 2cents.

The "instruments overload" mentioned by @T- Ape was not a problem (if not even unrecognizable) to me, last but not least since it added up to the massiveness of the piece. Way to go here.

Altogether, this is a fine (and time-consuming, I guess...) high-level production, which you should be proud of!
THANKS for sharing!

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