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I know a few of you out there play, and a game this great deserves its own thread.

To start, a few things from me. First, the Imperial Guard is very strong if you can hold off initial attacks. Turrets do wonders. Conversely, the T'au seem to be horrible at this...how do you hold off early rushers without any structure defense? Fire Warriors are very expensive to just pump out, and melee fighters tear them apart...

Next, some cool screenshots from my last couple of games.

Chaos Demon Lord in action:


Imperial Guard Baneblade - the baddest tank ever in an RTS.




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I tried a demo of this and couldn't really get into it. Though I only got to try Tau.

It took a little time for me, as well. Everything can seem fast and overwhelming at first, but after playing four of five skirmish games to get the hang of things, it gets very fun. Then throw in multiplayer...and you're hooked.

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Great game indeed. I've been playing since Dawn of War come out. If you notice, my screenname here sindri is the name of the Chaos sorcerer in Dawn of War campaign.

Cadmus, I myself build the tau barracks first, and tried to defend against initial rushes with Tau Commander's snare traps and a squad or two of fire warriors. Keep them alive, and save up for vespids, most early game problems are over once these dudes come out. It isn't easy though, and my success is usually dependent on whether my micro skill is much better than my enemy's. That kroot tactic seems to guarantee a greater chance of success. ;)

I used to play Eldar and a little IG before Dark Crusade comes out. Necrons look cool but gosh... seems that everybody and their mothers are playing these! :eek: I'm sticking with Tau, thanks.

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