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  1. I'll play UnMod, the nastily evil villain who steals drama-educing internet females and ties them to railroad tracks! Nyah-ah-ah! I'll image bomb their threads, then they'll be sorry!
  2. Heres my submission (click)* *not my real submission, I'll probably do something within the next few days
  3. You made this thread a bit too late. UnMod had its own league of extraordinary Warhammer 40K dudes. Though, I completely agree with CE's commend.
  4. Legends don't die, they just fade away... fade away...
  5. I love this mix. Its quirky and a bit odd, which honestly is exactly what Mario is. I find it just really fun to listen to, and something different from what I find to be the usual on the site. Highly recommended for anybody looking for something a bit 'different.'
  6. There are several museums, including the ever popular museum of Science and Industry. Navy Pier is always a good choice too.
  7. I used to play GW alot. Have a Level 20 Ranger in the Crystal Desert. And thats where he has sat ever since. I really don't remember why I stopped playing, but I did, and really haven't been able to get back into it :{
  8. Sup guys. Whats going on in this thread? Assassin's Creed Altier Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Kyon Yuki Phantom of the Opera The Phantom LT: Either of the Kyons could be good if they were sharpened a little. The first Phantom looks good; the other's a bit too zoomed in. Great resolution though, very clean. The other pics look like nothing.
  9. Perhaps your thinking of Ehrgeiz?
  10. Wow, this is an amazing remix. Its such an interesting and unique sound to it that I just can't help but totally get into it. The entire thing blends so well together, and it kept me into it the entire time. Great stuff. As with the rest though...to think this came from Mario Paint?
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