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Metroid Shuffle Brinstar

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Posted an early version of this one in the "work in progress forum" 2 years ago or something. Got some ideas and suggestions from you and I used some of them. Continued working on the song for a little while and then I simply forgot about it. Found this mp3 on an old backup-cd, but I believe this one is quite different from the one I posted here 2 years ago. The working file itself is long gone though :/

Just wanted to know what you think of it.


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Very cool mix, it's got a great groove going and the piano solo rocks! The whole mix could stand to be longer and the piano solo seems a bit truncated (what's there is very energetic). The bass could be braught up more, I was feeling a lack of low end and the bass line seems pretty smooth. The piano sample isn't up to par and it needs to be good because it's so exposed in the beggining and the end. I hope you finish it up and submit it, it's got a lot of promise.

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I can't believe there aren't any more responses to this. This mix has style. Keep adding more.

The drums sound thin and crunchy at some points, particularly where there are fill-ins.

Weren't you the same guy that used "Brinstar...Brinstar" vocals over and over again in one of your other versions?

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i'm not sure this would pass the site standards for a few reasons (dunno if it was even planned on submitting or not):

- very mechanically sequenced, little to no humanization...add more variation in the velocities and attacks of the notes. dynamic variation would also help greatly, it's mostly a solid dynamic all the way through the whole piece.

- most of the arrangement is structured very similar to the original song. add more material to this sucker :)

-i really hate bitching about samples, but the brass needs some helping.

-a lot of stuff here sounds very dry too...reverb could be most welcome

things i liked:

-the sfz on the brass

-the percussion is well done, good brush work

-not often you hear these kinda solidly composed brass parts happening

-the piano is a great idea (the actual humanization and sequencing just needs some work)

-intro is cool, probably would've been a better idea to give the bass to a cello or just the bass used later in the song...also the choir...wtf cool

1:25 - Blues much? ;)

sorry you don't have the source file, but maybe if you do future projects this might be of some help.

definitely a fun listen

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Thnx for the feedback!

JustChris can't believe you remember those vocals :D, but yeah I had some vocals going at first. As you said I'm sure the judges will have issues with the arrangement and perhaps even more with the dynamics and samples. Personally i think this "arrange it out of recognition"-thinking has gone a little to far at oc. I love the original groove from brinstar and I wanted to something similar.

My intention from the start was probably not to make all the instruments sound as "authentic" and real as possible even though I ended up using mostly instrument-samples. Personally i kind of like that tacky piano for example ;) But you are right, just wish i had better sample-libraries..

Hemophiliac, the blues solo actually was an idea from someone who gave feedback to the version with the vocals. But no I usually dont play blues, just thought it'd fit in.

As i mentioned I dont have the project file left, so I just posted this one. No bigger expectations though..

Thnx again for the feedback! :D /Spraut

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