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Tetris movie ain't bad

The Damned

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It's not historically accurate. They took a lot of liberties with the spycraft angle and some serious character embellishments.

But it's not really meant to be completely accurate. It's a docu-drama. Pretty good, overall.

ALTHOUGH... I do hate the scene where they reveal the GameBoy to Henk Rogers, and the screen is easily viewable. And then he slightly re-programs a Soviet PC version on a floppy, on a much more modern PC, using C... to convert it into a GameBoy game without doing any sprites or anything else.

I know, I know... movie bullshit to make the story go down easier.

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i liked queen's gambit.....especially all the chesterfield cigarettes, which i smoke plenty of these days.

one of my very numbered friends recommended the tetris movie to me, but i don't trust it. seems cheezy. and i have no flix or nothing anymore.

even though queen's gambit was purely fictional, it seems like the tetris movie was indirectly inspired by it, somehow. or not?

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