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OCR04445 - Final Fantasy VIII "Song of the Desperado"

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR04445 - Final Fantasy VIII "Song of the Desperado"

Love that PIZZICATO BREAKDOWN at 3'01"!! I feel like one should be able to walk into any crowded room, in almost any context, and yell "PIZZICATO BREAKDOWN!!" and random folks should pull string instruments out from under tables or wherever and there should be an impromptu pizzicato jam. I am told that in the 1920s people would just shout "CHARLESTON!!" and then everyone would, you know, do the Charleston... so I don't really think this is too much to ask.

Great mix; the "machine gun" in the title often seems to push arrangers towards texturally aggressive electronic/metal treatments, but a good string quartet can conjure quite a bit of suspense, energy, & excitement through notes & the performance of said notes, and this was that. Smart, but also successful!

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The whole album is filled with so many certified bangers, this one included. I love how many musical styles are represented & how unique so many of the tracks are. Anyone can go to youtube and find a million piano/guitar/etc covers of FF songs but this album has found a way to stand out from the pack.

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