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OCR04668 - *YES* Child of Light "To the Sky and the Stars" *RESUB*


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Original Decision

Artists: Bluelighter, Bowlerhat, Dewey Newt, Ian Martyn

Remixer name: Bluelighter (ID 21240); Bowlerhat (ID 30366); Dewey Newt (https://ocremix.org/artist/18034/dewey-newt); Ian Martyn (ID 35158)
Real Name: Guillaume SAUMANDE; Jorik BERGMAN; Matthew MOORE; Ian MARTYN
Game & Songs: Child of Light & Aurora ;  Down to a Dusty Plain
Composer: Cœur de Pirate


  • Bluelighter : arrangement, mixing, piano 
  • Bowlerhat: flute 
  • Dewey Newt: trombone 
  • Ian Martyn: acoustic Guitar, acoustic bass, hand drum (bendir) 

Hi OCR! 

Here is a new version of my arrangement of Child of Light.

My main adjustments are:

  • Drum well reduced (notably snare)
  • Rhythm at 2’25 deleted
  • Review of  EQ between bass and guitar. Low frequencies were a little confused. I hope it’s better now
  • Better balance between instruments according to their role, in the foreground or in the background.
  • More reverb on some instruments, notably drum or celesta at the beginning.




  •     Part 1 : 0’00 -> Dusty plains 0 – 0’20
  •     Part 2 : 0’50 -> Aurora 0 – 1’08
  •     Part 3 :  
  •         A 1’37 -> Dusty plains 0 – 1’00
  •         B 2’00 -> Dusty plains 1’00 – 1’30
  •     Part 4 : 2’30 -> Aurora 0 – 1’08
  •     Part 5 : 2’40 -> Aurora 1’08 – 1’40
  •     Part 6 : 3’08 -> Aurora 0 – 1’08

Child of Light & Aurora ;  Down to a Dusty Plain

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my original vote centered around the mixing and mastering elements, or lack thereof.

opening is a lot better mixed, although there's still a surprising amount of extra-low content in the freq analysis. the instruments sound much more together than i remember the original sounding. sustain at 0:31 is a little questionable - didn't notice that the first time around. i also don't remember noticing that the flute doesn't use much vibrato - i think that's a mistake, vibrato helps a lot to hide intonation issues. bendir at 0:39 is still a little dry and in the fore, especially compared to the flute. the swell at 1:07 into the trombone lead is gorgeous.

drums sound a lot better this time around. there's still a lot of beater tone on the kick, and the bass is a bit overstated for the context, but it sounds a lot more a part of the ensemble this time around. i didn't remember the fake decrescendo at 2:37, but i can't say i care for that as much - i think the timbral reduction you did naturally there was enough.

the recap as an outro sounds beautiful. the last chord maybe could have come a bit sooner.

i think this is a lot better overall. the arrangement as a whole is still really fun - there's great interweaving of the lead instruments, the piano work is excellent, and the ensemble works better in ear than it may on paper (flute and trombone is a surprising combo!). i think this still isn't perfect but that's fine, it's over the bar this time around.




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Very happy with the adjustments made on this one. Great job! 

I still REALLY think the kick needs work both in the way it's written and the way it's mixed. It's almost being used as a melody instrument here, and it sounds very odd to have the kick hit every time the flute or trombone plays a note. but I think the improvements put it above the bar. 


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Much better mixing this time around. Leads are in the front, bass is in the back. The trombone is still a weird choice, but it's mixed in a way that fits in more smoothly than before.

The fake-out ending at 2:39 is a bizarre choice—I don't know why you'd do a hard fade-out in the middle like that, and it just sounds like an error, somehow.

Otherwise, I can't find any fault here. It's a very pretty arrangement that suits the source material well. Nice job.


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