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'Blocks That Matter - Wood' [Hip-Hop / Electro remix]

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Here's a Hip-Hop/Electro arrangement of mostly 'Wood' and a little bit of 'Ruby' (just the ending) from Blocks That Matter. Originally released on the official remix album 'Reworks That Matter' which was directed by the game's composer Morusque/Nurykabe. This version is an edit I did recently, slightly shorter than the original and focusing on the more rhythmical parts of the remix. The mixing has been redone and a few touch ups have been made. My inspiration for the first half was the soundtrack from the anime Full Metal Panic, and the second half was inspired by the soundtrack from ArtePiazza's Opoona. Hopefully it's enjoyable even if you're not familiar with this fun indie puzzler. ☺️

It's a really joyful and creative soundtrack. I'll link the sources below if you're interested. <3


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The original was cheery, now this is bright and flamboyant! Brass samples are everyone's bane but they sound great here (tell me what you use plzkthx). Great groove in the strings around 0:40-1:13, and overall the track evolves very nicely. The breakdown works very well along with the shift to the synth sound, though I feel like I want something mid-wise there as bass and lead are quite far apart. But once the second synth comes in it's all good. Symphotronica ahoy. Speaking of which, I want to hear those trumpets again to bring closure to the mix as I feel that something upbeat like this needs a marriage between the symphonic and the electronic temporally.

This will be something I hope to throw into my driving playlist once done.

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Posted (edited)

This is such a spicy track, and is super upbeat. The tempo change in the later half of the track is very enjoyable, and all of the different synth selections are dialed in well, evolves nicely, and is just super fun overall. The sources are great choices, but I'm not familiar with the source, either.

There's really only two things I could maybe note:

-The snare in the first half does feel a hair dry, and wonder if sending it to a reverb bus could maybe help with this?

-The sub bass on your kick is coming in really thick/present (at least on my Yamaha HS-8's, with the subs on a -4db shelf @ ~500hz), and could maybe stand to help balance out the overall mix a little more if the sub region of the kick was dialed back a super little bit.

This track definitely stands on it's own two legs, so admittedly, these are more nitpicks over anything else. Absolutely fabulous stuff here~

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