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Coactive - Phresh Lettuce Mix


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So SGX rocks for letting all of us remix his stuff. This is what I've got so far after an hour and a half sitting at my computer. It's about 80% edited / processed loops, 20% Original stuff. I'll get around to finishing it eventually, but I wanted some early opinions of the general direction I'm going first.

EDIT: It's all done now. Let me know how it is.

Be Coactive and Find Your Haven (Phresh Lettuce Mix)


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Nice def liking wat you did, why does everyone feel the need to glitch everything in an SGX song...I'm guilty too in my early wip for the comp. :)

New material is blended in very well. The pitch bends are a good idea, but i'd say redo em, they sound pretty off and totally change the mood of the material.

Def likin this one so far!

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