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Ok, so I was backing up my sound files a couple weeks ago and most of the stuff related to this song mysteriously disappeared. Therefore, I'm starting over :<.

New Track

Death Wind OST

Win Theme OST

I decided to take a new angle at the intro, incorporating the Death Wind track as a buildup - rather than generic chords. I think it fits the fzero style a lot better. I've just started working on the Win Theme part of the song, so it isn't very developed yet.

I'm considering changing the orch hits to follow the pattern of the Title Screen OST, which may be a nice allusion.

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Not much I can say about this...Beginning got a bit monotonous after about 7 seconds, but my waiting paid off around 0:15 when the drums came in. Most of the tune was great (love the funkiness). At the end there are some parts that sound like they get drowned out for a couple beats here and there, but overall, I like it.

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I like it, it's a happy song. I like songs that can get you up and going. I'm still new so I am not an amazing analyst at songs yet, I like how it build up. (by the way, if I am to post a remix, as a work in progress how would I go about bringing it up to the forum? I mean I have the mp3 and I know how to make a new thread, but how do I post the song?)

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Updated version up at same link:

-Shortened intro down so the drum section comes in sooner

-Fixed a few chords in the trumpets

-A few minor sounds/effects added

-Changed ending a little

-Messed up the hihats on one of the drum sections slightly, will fix later :)

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Might want to allow MP3 downloading on that track. It's hard to tell if some of the distortion in the song is from the poor quality of the stream or is present in the actual mixdown. In case it's the mix, hey! There's some distortion in there. :P Sounds like you've got some muddy bands of frequencies bunched together in places. Not bad, though I don't remember the original so no comments on rearrangement yet, but the drums...um...missing a kick there?

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Thanks for the feedback, guys.

Leah, I think the distortion is actually on the track - not the stream. I've noticed it myself when working on the mix, but wasn't sure how to clean it up. It sounds like it could be the bass line getting muddled with the trumpets and/or strings. I'm guessing I have some mastering work to do then.

I've posted the OST here so you can compare the difference if you'd like.

As for the kick, I'm not sure I understand what you're saying. I've got a kick in there whenever the drum track is playing.

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Much better imo. I like how it gets to the point a little quicker. It'll probably keep a lot of people from turning it off before it gets good (Unfortunately,I know a lot of people who would do that). Still a nice beat but I can actually hear everything too, towards the end. So yeah, big improvement :)

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Song updated:

-Still working on mastering to elminate distortion (especially near ending), any tips would be greatly appreciated

-Added more content on buildup sections and ending

To be done:

-Automate effects on some of the sounds

-More variation on notes/inflection of accompanying synth

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hrm...I like the other synth better. Almost everything BUT the old synth was already a low voice, I think making the synth deeper took away from the contrast of the piece imo.

I just posted a new version with both synths panned opposite:


Still trying to decide if I like it...

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i thought it was good at first but later it got boring, like same old also some of the drums,beats etc. did not go well with the rest of the mix. i could hear some of the distortion, but its not super noticable, just keep working and try to be adventurous in music creating, try new, unique, even funky styles and instruments in you're mix. great job on the whole! -The Lone Ranger

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  • 2 weeks later...

Ok, so it's been a while since I've updated this song - it's for good reason! The past few weeks have been spent brainstorming, getting new equipment, trying new parts, and recording. So, finally, a new update.

Significant changes:

-Synth Lead(s) gone (good riddance)

-Replaced middle section with completely new/original section

-Added alto saxophone part to replace synth lead (it's pretty much my first time recording for a song, so be nice)

-Worked on mastering and EQing

-Various other minor changes

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HELL YEAH! EFFING SAX DOOD! This songs awexome level just rose drastically. Nice new middle section. Adds more (much needed) variety to the piece. Maybe a little too much...

At 2:35 when everything drops out but the trumpets, it sounds empty. I know it's supposed to, but it goes on for too long. I'd say either shorten it or put bass back in. I think it builds a little too slow and sometimes not at all. For some reason it's gotten slightly less exciting. I'd say that MOAR SAX would fix this in most places.

Other than that, my only beef is MOAR SAX! And hone it up a little. Sounds a little rough atm.

(MOAR SAX DOOD) [but don't overdo it...]

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Agh I must say I hate that new sax you've added, feels so out of place. I think you had a strong enough lead and that if anything it just needed some more backdrop like the part that becomes prounounced at 3:24.

But thats just one guys opinion other people seem to like it.

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lol, other people = me.

ok. After listening five or six more times, the sax really does sound a bit out of place. It's great(mostly just because I love sax) but I think it would do better somewhere else. Also, like I said before, work on it some. It's rough and offbeat slightly in places.

but still MOAR (good) SAX.

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i like the opening pad. drumwork is a little too dull and dry throughout. i'd encourage you to move away from sticking so close to FL default samples and/or presets (DNC_clap, boobass particularly). I've never been especially fond of boobass as a standalone bass synth; I think the track can do better with a different plugin/sample.

The brass is kind of cheesy. The transition is a little awkward at :38 when they come in--the intro has a dark, looming feel, and the song takes on a completely different direction there. Not sure it really fits. I like the bass sequencing, it's written well enough, and adds energy to the track. The brass itself doesn't do too well if you're going for realism. Also, you need some sort of support. Basically from :38 to 1:38 (not counting the sax lead), you have the funky bass, a simple kick + clap drum loop, and some choppy brass. I think you'd do well to throw in some additional instrumentation and counter-melodic support.

I wouldn't say the sax is out of place, exactly. It's just that the song is too fundamental at this point. Keep at it, though. Hope this feedback helps.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Awright, update (finally!)

A couple other music projects kept me away from this for a couple weeks, but I've been able to get back into it and start working again.


-New bass synth (geez that old one was loud)

-New strings

-Added more content to flesh it out

-Rerecorded Sax, now more in sync and tuned

-More content in general

-Worked on balances and EQing

To Do:

-Probably another sax section on latter half of song

-Revamp the drums

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Yay, F-Zero! Been listening the soundtrack since a few days back. Ah, the memories...

This isn't the hottest song in the soundtrack, but it deserves some attention nonetheless.

The pads are clipping in the beginning, I think (or maybe it's just distortion).

Bass is pretty awful and MIDI and way too faint compared to the pads.

The brass is too loud, too. The drums are really boring, plain and faint, too. More punch, please.

I'm missing the snap and rhythm of the original. It felt like it was going someplace and this is just... stomping on the same spot somehow. I think it's mostly because of the drums.

I'd suggest not playing making the bass play non-bass notes when the pad is playing, or make the pad stop playing low notes. They kind of clash and drown each other out, and there's a lot of dissonnance in the bass spectrum, and the pads clash with the melody too, especially in 3:00 and on.

I think the main problem is the volume levels. Some instruments are way too loud and some that should be are barely audiable, mainly the bass and the drums. Try listening some some of Zircon's stuff, he always makes the drums very in-your-face in a good way. I think he's using compressors to do it. I don't mean you should make your drums sound like his, but study the way he does volume levels.

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