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OCR02194 - *YES* Pokémon Red Version 'Battle for the Badge'


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ReMixer name: Fishy

Real name: Cain McCormack

ReMix name: Battle For The Badge

Original track: Gym Leader Battle

Game: Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow

This is a track for the Pokemon Project so in the event of a pass, please withhold posting until its release.

When I auditioned for this track on the project I didn't even have the program I made it in, and its taken me something ridiculous like 6 months to actually finish to the point where I was happy with it. Its one of those tracks you just kept going back to and giving it a complete haul over, then decided you preferred it the old way.

Anyway, about the track: It's a rawk mix, with the crazy (very hard to double) guitar tapping and the fast drums and the weird break down solo. All the lead guitars have been triple tracked for added oomph.

There was a little confusion with the IDv tag things because its in 3 games, so I just left it blank, also I forgot how to do that e symbol in the game name.

Thanks for listening :3.



http://www.zophar.net/gbs/pokemonb.zip - Track 22

Oh man, this was sick. Definitely something Dwelling of Duels-worthy in terms of great energy and performance skill. Good original writing for the intro up to :15. Compared to how thin the source tune was, there was a lot of expansion with the part-writing to supplement the verbatim melody. Nice usage of the machine-gun drums from 1:07-1:17; someone finally gets it right once in a while. I also loved the constant changes in the percussion writing; added great dynamics and evolution to the piece. Definitely weren't resting on your laurels there.

As much as I loved the coverage of the source, I was definitely waiting for something new to come into the picture. 1:56 finally hooked it up with a quieter, more downbeat section before going into some original guitar work at 2:17 before returning to the source arrangement at 3:11. Oh snap, some decidedly more genteel stuff at 3:30 with the strummed geetar, light cymbal work, and string pads. Man, nice close. Some little tick noise showed up at 4:08 just before the fadeout cut off a little abruptly. Not a big deal, but worth a fix. Hell, you got time, bump that encoding up to VBR and push 6MB for the win.

Man, I don't even like Pokémon and you got me rockin', bro, taking a pansy game like that and churning out this gold. This one got me waving my arm high in the air in a circle. ("Go, go, go!") Imagine if this one were played in concert; the experience would be ridiculously good. You ripped it up the whole way through, Cain, and took the original to another level. A great listen, you made a believer out of a Pokémon hater like me.


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Great leads mate, hit 'em dead on.

Problems right from the start with the cymbals and your rock kit. The drums are a tad too "light" for my liking. You could've dropped them a few tones and compressed them a tad to give them a more grunge sound. The cymbals and hi-hats stole the show on more than one occasion. The only real displeasing part of the mix.

The grunge guitar probably could've been boosted a bit too to solidify the mid-bass end of the piece.

You win points for making me picture Larry rocking out though. Headbangin' with a 'fro. Rock on, Larry. headbang.gif

All right, not the best rock mix in the world. Kind of tame for my tastes. But it's pretty good and I'm sure the pokemon fans would be stoked to finally have a remix on the site.


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This is definitely good stuff overall... really tight performance and good guitar tone. I agree that the low-mids could be boosted and the hihats toned down a bit. The overall mastering could be hotter as well. However, I think these minor issues are overshadowed by the high quality arrangement and generally strong production values. I liked the original additions and the thematic variation. The structure of the song flows well and there is high energy throughout without being overly repetitive. I'm impressed; good job.


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