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i have all OCR songs in my ipod...including most site projects, when i go to school i notice i have no "common" songs that other people know and listen too. While i defend and love videogame music and OCR i think i should get to know more bands and groups

thats why i ask of you to recommend me some.

my favorite genres would be techno/trance and the genre that fits hoobastank and billy talent ( my friend sent me those amd i really liked 'em)

thanks in advance! i know you won't let me down!

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Hoobastank is more Alternative rock. If you like that, Our Lady Peace and Breaking Benjamin are very similar. The Smashing Pumpkins are likely the most influential Alternative band of the past 20 years, but their style is very Eclectic and varies wildly from Album to Album.

thats good! i'll look into it when i get home (posting from school PC during recess) plz keep em coming

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I have loads of Trance, but there are many different types so I don't know if any of my recommendations will fit your taste.

You can check .tranceaddict.com which offers free and legal downloads of promotional tracks and Live sets.

Their forum has an extensive archive of samples too which you can listen to and >_> "buy" the full versions somewere else <_<.

Other than that I can name you every single track I have which I carefully selected to be on my iPod. (I'm very picky when it comes to trance >_> )

Also google "Eric Foard" who has his own radio Live Set recordings up for download. :)

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