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OCR01741 - *YES* Doom 2 'Running from Evil Horde'

The Orichalcon

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Mixername: Evilhorde

ReMix Title: Running From Evilhorde

Source: Map 01 - Running From Evil



Submitting for Evilhorde with his nod of approval.


Just to clear a bias issue first:

This remix is from the Delta-Q-Delta project that is to be released. The only reason I chose this mix to be one of the ones pre-submitted is because I pre-judged it as worthy of OCR. I ran it past djp and Larry, both thought it was all right if not a bit repetative, and though it best to panel it. So to summarise: This is a YES from me, as I wouldn't have added it to the panel if it was a NO.

I'll give my vote on it anyway. The guitar playing is great as usual. The beats aren't as good as they might've been, but they do their job in holding the rock-style piece together. The mix is very loud, but also very clear, with even the shredding guitar later on maintaining a solid sound. One thing I might've liked to have heard was a change in key more often like the source had, which would've reduced the repetativeness. The lead from the source is played almost verbatim in the middle, but Evilhorde's added some personal touches throughout enough to save it from being just a cover. The fact that it's played live and not just sequenced adds to the credibility too.

YES from me of course, or I wouldn't have added it to the panel.

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/me wipes TO's bias off mix

Ewwwww... what the hell did you eat, Lee?

Anyway, good stuff. Distortion on the guitar was really really dirty, and it made it a little too thin, IMO. Should have brought out the low and low-mid on that channel. However, it doesn't "doom" the track... hehe, get it? doom? hehehe heh heh..... *sigh*

Sorry about that...

Back on track, the only other quirk I had is when the double-bass kick came in, it was a little overbearing and intrusive to the rest of the instruments. Nothing worth crying over, though.


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  • 2 weeks later...

The overall energy is actually a bit tamer than I expected. Maybe just more volume would help it. Lead from :37-:56 actually feels a bit sloppier than I remember; it kinds of bleeds into itself.

The track definitely needed the subtly arranged lead guitar from 2:02-2:21. That was followed by the personalized chorus from 2:30-3:12 taken from 2:12-end of the source, then some nice freestyling from 3:12-3:51.

I agreed with TO about the beatwork needing to be stronger & more varied and the idea of a key change to keep things fresher over the long haul. The cymbal patterns being so similar to the original is one aspect that could have been changed to really make the overall feel more different.

In any case, good expansion of the original; Prince's stuff is good, but the sounds are definitely only MIDI quality, and this take it to a higher level. Definitely could use more punch, and more interpretation with the arrangement itself would have made it an easier sell with me, but the live performance, added parts, personalized touch and later interpretation help it squeak by.

YES (borderline)

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I like the style, it's reminiscent of Dragonforce and other power metal groups. The original track to me seemed basic - just a chord progression with some simple drums, not even a real melody. I don't think there is any question of the level of interpretation here considering all the additions and rhythmic/harmonic variations. eg. :37 really takes that simple, boring, lifeless chord progression and turns it into METAL. The soloing later on is sweet, too. Awesome.

I do agree w/ Larry that the energy and overall volume does seem kind of subdued for the genre. I don't think it's a big deal if you just turn up your speakers/headphones, but I do think it could be more full - perhaps not even only on the production end but on the instrumentation end too. Some demonic synths, maybe some choir, beefier rhythm guitars (stereo-wise). Regardless, it's not a deal-breaker.

Good job, this one had me nodding my head. ;)


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