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OCR Chess League: Tournament XXIV

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OverClocked Remix Chess League

Tournament XXIV

March 24th - April 13th, 2007

To join the tournament

1) Post a reply in this thread stating that you would like to be added.

2) List your AIM screen name (we use AIM for matchmaking constantly).

3) Deadline for sign-ups are Friday, March 30th @ 11:59 pm.

Match Format

Use Yahoo! Games Advanced Lounge 7. 10/15 clocks, Protected Rooms.

Each match will be two games; once as white, once as black.

2-0 = 5 points

1½-½ = 4 points

1-1 = 3 points

½-1½ = 2 points

0-2 = 1 point

Undo Turn: Undo turn is allowed, provided it is done so quickly. An undo turn given merits one recieved.

Disconnects: If a player disconnects, they are entitled to a restart at the point of the disconnect or, if both parties agree, a full replay.

You forfeit if: you disconnect after a disconnect restart, you refuse to restart a disconnect game, or you refuse to reciprocate a previous undo turn.

Use of computer assistance is prohibited and will result in the banhammer.

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Two big changes:


1) Matches must be completed in full to count for points.

2) 5-3-1 system returns.


1) Undecided. I may adopt the system I'd like to see for the other two tournaments here (round-robin --> top6 bracket), or we may see a double-elimination thing going on. It's up to you.


I've lost a lot of interest in playing matches for the chess league and running the thing. I think we've lost a lot of the spark that made it interesting, and everything is just too damn predictable nowadays. I really want to add to the spark that is the OCRCL, but the best ideas that come into my head are to play a bunch of different variants. The league is no longer fresh, and we keep playing the same 8-10 people over and over again. WWJDD?

In all honesty, this is step two of my attempt at streamlining all three OCR tournaments (OCRCL, OCR Emulation, OCR Arcade Games). We had to do this early to jump into the staggered schedule now, instead of in a month or so. Friday is the day we need to use and that's the day that we will use for all deadlines from now on (I'm hoping).

So what do YOU want to see from THIS tournament, and others to come? It'll only be three weeks, which I feel is a good time limit. Input please :)

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I'm just going to post this to keep the thread breathing. This guy tried to play Wayward Queen (Qh5) against me and I trapped his queen, took it, then trounced him.

;Title: Yahoo! Chess Game

;White: wigamehunter

;Black: cpt1337

;Date: Mon Mar 26 18:24:07 GMT 2007

1. e2-e3 e7-e5

2. d1-h5 b8-c6

3. f1-b5 g7-g6

4. h5-f3 d7-d5

5. b5xc6+ b7xc6

6. f3-g3 e5-e4

7. g3-e5+ d8-e7

8. e5xh8 g8-f6

9. g1-h3 c8xh3

10. g2xh3 o-o-o

11. h3-h4 f8-h6

12. h8xd8+ c8xd8

13. b1-c3 f6-g4

14. c3-a4 e7xh4

15. h1-f1 g4xh2

16. f1-g1 h2-f3+

17. e1-f1 f3xg1

18. f1xg1 h4-g4+

19. g1-f1 f7-f5

20. a4-c5 d8-c8

21. b2-b3 h6-g7

22. c2-c3 h7-h5

23. c1-b2 h5-h4

24. c5-e6 g7-e5

25. d2-d4 e4-d3

26. e6-f4 e5xf4

27. e3xf4 d3-d2

28. c3-c4 d2-d1+

29. a1xd1 g4xd1+

30. f1-g2 d1-g4+

31. g2-f1 h4-h3

32. c4xd5 c6xd5

33. b2-d4 h3-h2

34. d4xa7 h2-h1++ (rook promotion)

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I think we need some fresh blood to add to the game here.

We'll do round-robin for now (I'm at work so I can't make a new table), but let's do the round-robin --> top6 thing.

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I may participate. I need something a little less intense and a little less laggy than emulated 2D fighting games at the moment. Just tell me when things start up and you know I'm always on aim on the weekends.

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Yeah, the videogame tournaments are a lot of fun but lag ends up ruining the authenticity of a lot of matches.

In chess it's just the same results over and over and over again :)

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