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*NO* Chrono Trigger 'Music Box'


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Hello, djpretzel.

A couple weeks ago I sent you a submission to be posted on your site. However, I haven't recieved word from you, or seen a discussion appear in the judges forum, and so my paranoid self can only assume I fell through the cracks (an incorrect link in the original e-mail might have helped that falling process ;-) ).

So here is my submission once again.

My host doesn't like mp3s, so I have changed the file extension to .xyz, as you can tell from the link.

My name is Keaton Miller , and right now I don't have a website ready for linkage. Oh, and if you decide to post it, please post my e-mail along with it: keatonmill@charter.net


Keaton Miller

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Yeah well it's cute, but the music box 'intro' goes on for faaaaaaarrrrr too long, I was beginning to think the whole song was gonna be like that. Drum sounds are a bit on the low key side.

NO. It's more of a nah actually, it's not crap, it just doesn't work IMO.

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Okay, the music box is nice and all, a little too reverby, but I had to skip ahead to where it got more involved because it had gotten boring. Okay, this parts not so bad except the synth string lead-in. That was ugly in my opinion. And the drums here could really be a lot better. I'm thinking, either make them more involved and apparent, or drop them completely. The occasional snare and quiet snare doesn't seem to fit. Uh oh.. now I think I'm hearing bad notes (3:00 two consecutive bad sounding notes, very apparent to me, more after as well). Okay 3:27, really liking this. Faster makes it better. But still a little too reverby/delayed for my taste. Oh, that piano works well, although maybe a bit too quiet? I'm not sure, and it doesn't stick around very long..

Wow.. the ending two notes are uhm.. strange. I don't know if that's good or not.. but it's different.

Vote: No

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I like the music box thing at the start. It's really cute. However, like everybody has said here, it's too long. Halve it and it'd be fine. When the drums come in, they're a tiny bit weak. They need more body. At 3:03 I heard some weird note stuff going on, that ruined it a bit. Don't get me wrong, I like the overall sound of the song, it's a good idea, but the notes need to be cleaned up in a few areas. Do that and it's fine. No.


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ok when I first saw this link I was at work, and I knew that the way the computer was then locked down, I would never be able to download a file with the extension "xyz" rename it and then listen to it, so I had to skip it at the time. Guess it's time to actually listen to it.

50% done....


this is the worst part really, it's like, it could suck or it could be great, but it's the sitting here and wondering how this will effect my life that drives me insane...

Not really.

Song's done.

Ok... what the hell was that?

Was that from a movie or something?

And while I AM a big fan of delay...

Ok I had to skip to around 2 minutes where the song becomes something more than it was in the game. The first two minutes are basically the same as the game with some massive amounts of delay slathered upon it...

Ok all notes were fine in my book up until around 3 minutes. I was getting ready to type "all the notes seem to be good and pure" or something like that, and then there was this flurry of evil in the form of dissonant notes that Arnold Schoenberg wouldn't have liked. Ok I understand the idea was to have a sort of improvised section here, but keep your improvising in the key you're in or if not, make the whole song dissonant, so it doesn't just sound wrong. I like the end part. From 3:28 on it's good. so cut everything else and we're left with... about a minute.... yeah this isn't gonna fly.

I'm gonna say no, for the purposes of keeping the bar a little higher and this has too many "if this were changed..." parts to it.


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