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OCR00735 - Star Ocean: The Second Story "Rena Lanford of Arlia Village"


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I downloaded this song a long time ago, loved it, then it just kind of got lost in the vastness of my music collection. Eek. I'm not sure how I let that happen, as A) Dale North is awesome and B) Theme of Rena is my favorite song from Mr. Sakuraba. Well, at least the version it plays in the forest in Arlia... still!

The samples.. the production.. all of it just works very well together. It's a pretty straight forward arrangement of Rena's theme, but it deviates enough that it's not ho hum. It's very beautiful, in fact. I love the soft, quiet beginning that builds up to the point about a minute and a half in. I love the end that fades out with the piano. I love that overall it reeks of emotion. I love it all. But admittedly, I'm biased - it's Rena's theme! >>

This is a must have for Motoi and/or North fans, and even if you're unfamiliar with either? Give it a listen!

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