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Sorting instrument and effect vst plugs when adding?

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...and by that I mean that when you right click>insert>plug in into a channel all the active plug-ins are listed alphabetically, so how would I go about dividing them? There doesn't seem to be a way for FL to immediately tell what's an instrument and what's an effect, so I end up browsing a list of effects when I want an instrument and likewise for vsti.

Right now the only thing I can think of is to add a prefix to the actual .dll files in the plug ins folder to put them in a different order, but I thought I'd better ask if I'm missing something before I do that (been testing out free vst's an awful lot).

Any help appreciated.

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The first "insert" menu and the channels>add one menu use a "favorites" system to decide what to display. FL keeps two "favorites" lists--one for inserting new channels and another one for mixer FX--so the solution is to favoritize all your generators in the dialog for inserting channels and favoritize all your effects in the dialog for mixer FX.

If you're talking about the Channels>add one>MORE... window, then well, FL has no real way to determine what a VST does, so it just organizes it alphabetically. You can try what Overcoat suggested, though.

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