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SGX - I Transmit This [WIP]


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I was trying to make the "b" section of a track of mine (the last WIP I posted in here), I made this piano melody thing that happened to be totally out of key with the original track, but I liked it so I'm making it into its own little thing. Very ambient, moody, with some some uncharacteristic big beats.

I've spent like 2 hours on this so far.

Its got some nasty resonance, some weird(er) notes at 2:30, and has had basically 0 thought put into structure, but its a good sample of a mood I think.

I like to make patterns that repeat and kind of go out sync...sort of like rounds, but messier. More interesting when messy I think!

Pretty sure this one will be album-only when complete, as it works less as a single than as a piece of a whole album.


I like the name a lot right now...of course I just thought of it and I usually change my mind about how I feel on a name the next day, but maybe I'll call my album this too.

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The beggining was really soft it took awhile before anything at an audible level came in.

I def agree with plumber about the drums in the middle. Some spoken word like composer might go very well with this.

An idea is maybe have samll children speaking IMO. A Celtic artist named Loreena McKennitt has a song where a child is speaking an old Gaelic poem and it totally kick ass. Bc it was recorded at low quality it has a slight distortion effect on it.

This is def some crazy that has an extreme mood factor, good stuff so far.

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Glad you guys are diggin it.

I would like to get some cool voices in this or other tracks...but it is difficult because I need to think of something that is either un-copyrighted, public domain, or so obscure I for sure won't have any hint of rights usage issues in the future.

You guys have any ideas? I got the spoken words for Composer off of historychannel.com and I believe that stuff is public domain. Any other sources I could scour?

edit: I came across the afore-mentioned speech :)http://www.history.com/media.do?action=clip&id=cd4track03

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This is quite erie, but in a beautiful, enchanted forest kind of way. I like your piano sample, it's really something else, and it makes the already beautiful melody come alive. The pads add that creepy "Hair Standing Up on Back of Neck" feeling, and when the piano kicks in, they morphs into a frost covered rose, delicate, fragile, but pristine and (as said before) beautiful). The drums are quite nice, and add some omph to the track, mind you not like a uppercut, but in a 'gentle kiss from your girlfriend' manner. Beautiful mate, bloody good job.

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Y'know what? This reminds me of the Voyager's Golden Record. Like a soundtrack to a video of Voyager's lonely, cold, solitary fall thru space, around planets and solar systems. Sending out a message to other prospective life.

I third the idea about OCR's contributing speech.

It could be just single words, like:







each word from a different OCR remixer with enough distortion and reverb to fit. Neat idea yous guys. :<

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I hate to throw a wet blanket on things....but...I don't like that idea.

I get weirdly particular about words in my songs...i don't know...words in songs suddenly puts a VERY specific meaning to the piece instead of the relatively vague "feelings" I like to emit with my music. If I put words in, it has got to be something awesome, or maybe something from somebody who is already recognized as awesome (famous quotes or passages from literature work decent for this).

If someone has a good idea for a quote or excerpt of literature and has a good voice/good mic set up, I'll listen to your ideas, but B33J, I really do not like your idea :). No offense!

Anecdote - In Frame of Mind, Destructo had the idea for Aurora to say "Truth" (which does go with the theme of the game). I REALLY did not like it, but Destructo really wanted it in there, so I eventually relented. I still hate it in there. :)

I also get weirdly possesive with ideas for my stuff, especially my original works....I want everything to be 100% my GENIUS idea! :)

Man, I have so many hangups don't I? :D

Thanks for listening though!

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