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  1. Give SGX a pat on the back for this one, and tell him it's a 'wicked track'.
  2. It's a good start, I like the thundering percussion, Taiko drums I'm guessing? It's technoish, but bloody, if you keep working on this, that is, make it longer, it'll be one kick a** track!
  3. This is quite erie, but in a beautiful, enchanted forest kind of way. I like your piano sample, it's really something else, and it makes the already beautiful melody come alive. The pads add that creepy "Hair Standing Up on Back of Neck" feeling, and when the piano kicks in, they morphs into a frost covered rose, delicate, fragile, but pristine and (as said before) beautiful). The drums are quite nice, and add some omph to the track, mind you not like a uppercut, but in a 'gentle kiss from your girlfriend' manner. Beautiful mate, bloody good job.
  4. Well, I have the s90, and now I'm looking to expand. I was thinking about getting some plug ins and a sampler, as follows... 1.) PLG-100XG (XG voice Plug In) 2.) PLG-150VL (Acoustic voices Plug In) 3.) PLG-150DR (Drum voices Plug In) 4.) PLG-150PC (Latin Percussion voices Plug In) 5.) Kaoss Pad 3 If anyone had any notes, suggestions, ideas, comments on ways to improve, other gear to get, ect., please post it. I'm really looking for some genuine help in the 'gear' department.
  5. The lioness moves quietly,she.... Oh sorry, watching one of those National Geographic specials. No has any thoughts? Dear god. What are we to do. No one has any thoughts any more.
  6. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=657574 Hello sportsfans, I've recently put up a new track, 'Phoenix/Los Ninos" on soundclick, and would be very grateful if the OCRemix community would post some comments, thoughts, tips, or just plain random information. -Cheers, Fickett
  7. Jeez, that looks worse than mine. Ever heard of 'Paper Towel' or, heaven forbid 'Napkin' kid?
  8. Thanks Leah and Prometheus. I think you've nailed it though Leah, listening to the original, it's not a very strong melody, highly repetitive in and of itself, and therefore, It's going to be hard to pull off a remix. I definately do need to work on my 'volume control', my friend (MasterStarman/MstrStrmn/which ever one he's using here) noted that when he listened to it as well. I think that in general, Industrial's just not my thing, need to try something else.
  9. To get others opinions. One head's better than two, and I'm not always right on the spot when I comes to changing stuff around. In other words, I put my opinion up, now I'm looking for others, because it's always good to have other input.
  10. The second in what is probably going to be a long line of bumps. Please share your opinions and suggestions, I'm open to anything.
  11. If you're allowing them, sign me up. I'll just start working on it this weekend anyway, for the heck of it if you will. I'm starting to think that the Final Battle 2 (where Samus fights the Emperor Ing for the second time) would be much more re-mix friendly. Who knows, I'll just start on it.
  12. I don't know if it's too late, but can I... 1.) Recommend a boss: Dark Samus. She's bad, she's black and glowy, and she has a pretty cool song when you first fight her in MP2. Kraid or (more likely) Ridley could also substitute here. 2.) Unofficially contribute to that remix/do it- If you would like a remix of that tune I mentioned above for Dark Samus to add to the project, I'll get working on it ASAP. I missed registration (curse homework for all eternity!), but would love to help out if I could. If not, that's alright. I'm looking forward to this and literally buzzing with anticipation for when it's released.
  13. This is a wonderful job. The synths are a bit on the mainstream side, but they don't subtract from the piece's attractiveness to my ears. Hmmm.... Could use a bit of a gentler intro. The main melody fades in then hit the beats as you have them now... That's honestly all I have to say. Now I'm going to have to Krazy Glue myself to the chair to stop from bouncing up and down. Follow the glowstick Towleny follow the nice pretty glowstick. Just joking. Cheers and good job. -Fickett.
  14. http://www.soundclick.com/corpheus Click on Frag Fiesta (MagRail Revision). Towards the bottom of the Music page. Well, Frag Fiesta got killed like I knew it would, but I'm a stubborn chap and I (upon my knees) am begging the OCR community to help me with this. I think it's a salvageable effort, but not even close to what my best could be. The remix is of the Main Menu musicon Goldeneye Rogue Agent for Nintendo DS (so pull it out if you have em'!), a theme I think is good, but got the short end of the stick. So lets start with the orginal. Things I like 1.) The melody-Catchy tune if a bit repetitive. Things that could use improvement: 1.) Rhythm-Repetitive and utterly bland in my opinion, though it does get kinda cool when the guitar/break/whatever the heck you call the middle part kicks in 2.) Guitar-I've played the X-Box version of RA, and the guitar in that version kicks the DS's sorry tail. The one they put on the DS is cheesy, and makes it seem more Bondish than Rogue Agentish. NOW FOR MY OPINONS ON THE REMIX: What I can fix: 1.) Guitars-They're somewhat better than the Original's, but tend to get grating, annoying, and repetitive. I need to (and I thought I'd never say this) take some guitar out. 2.) Rhythm-I never really liked Industrial, and I didn't give the rhythm on this track what it deserved. I lazed out in other words. Something a bit more break-beat may help with the clunky, repetitive feel of the song. It's cheesy, slow, clunky, repetitive, and packs about as much punch as my grandma's old hair dryer. 3.) Strings- They sound cheesy, backgroundish, distorted, and just plain bad. Need to either improve their quality or simply drop them all together. 4.) The Bass-I used to enjoy this sound, now it just grates on my nerves. Find a better bass, something more subliminal, adding complexity, not just more loud noise to the music. 5.) QUALITY-I've heard better quality vinyl recordings from 1922. Turn down the input, let others speakers do the work. Secondly, I've stopped trying to record everything in one audio track, so the quality should take leap. 6.) Where's That Melody?: To make it simple, even I get confused as to where the Orginal melody is. I need to bring it out, mess with it more. 7.) Intro: It's slow, clunky, and needs a bit more of a catch to it. Improving the quality may help this immensely, but let's face it, it could be far more interesting. Things that Need to Go: 1.) The Tamborines: I liked v2 better where it was just the pounding bass and the upbeat. I'm taking out those cheesy tamborines I used to cover up what was a lack of effort on adding depth and complexity in the meldoy. 2.) Cheese Bass: Alright, I'm just going to take this voice out, entirely, and replace it with a FAR more kick-tail voice. 3.) Original Stuff: It's great and all to show creativity and ad original solos and such to a piece, but it's so prominent, it starts getting in the way of the piece as a whole. 4.) The Scratch: The scratch at the beginning is, to my knowledge, unnecessary and gratingly annoying. It needs to go. Need to Add: 1.) The Melody at Break: I need to give more attention the melody where the guitar goes off on the different tangent. So that's my analysis but please, for the love of god, give me a little more support and feedback than I got last time. If there's something buggering the piece and your ears (other than excessive earwax) let me know, if something seems off or unbalanced in the melody, LET ME KNOW.
  15. I may take a crack at this. I'll see if I can get an idea or two.
  16. I've tried my hand at a remix and it didn't end up so well (I guess Industrial elctronic isn't my style), but I think that my next try is going to be something I'm much more comfortable with, Drum n' Bass. I like crazy rhythms, and even more so at a high speed. It suits the random factor of my brain well. Me thinks a remix of the Final Battle 2 song from Metroid Prime 2 would do well with a "little" (underexaguration) DnB makeover. I also like messing with distortion, so if I could/can, I will try/will put that in. Something that suits the dark Sci-Fi of the MP games. So that's what I'd do for a remix if I could.
  17. Oops, forgot to tell which one it was, the piece is Escalation of Conflice (C & J Revision).
  18. http://www.soundclick.com/corpheus I went back the last day I was sick and went over Escalation to Conflict. It's highly orchestral now, and less 'scratchy'. A lot of people that hear it wonder whether the hissing and popping/the ambient hiss noise is on purpose or by accident. It's on purpose. I also registered on Soundclick, the reason being that I figured it would be a much better idea if you could listen to what I make and not have to download it straight-to-hard drive, and then if you could then download the mp3. Cheers and good health to all! -Fickett
  19. Thanks! Honestly, I don't know where the music I make comes from, it just sort of...happens... I've got a new tune to share though, so don't worry! This isn't all!
  20. http://s15.quicksharing.com/v/3818141/Civilization_More_Stupid_Happy_Music_v1.mp3.html Upper link is broken.
  21. Apparently that link is broken. Try this one. http://s3.quicksharing.com/v/4411603/Escalation_of_Conflict_v1_.mp3.html
  22. An excellent blend of electronic and accoustic sounds, wonderful rhythms, and a intro that could knock goliath off his feet. Wonderful.
  23. Well, I made another one today, as I have a lot of time (I'm sick and staying home). This time it's Drum and Bass. http://media10.filewind.com/g.php?filepath=3357 Enjoy. EDIT: And that static/popy stuff IS supposed to be in there.
  24. Come on people. Seriously. Do I always have to beg and plead to get response?
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