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Cave Story - Scorching Back/Hero's End - "War in the Corridor"


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Yar, arrangement wise this has good energy. Gets a bit stale near the beginning before the transition, which is very good I might add (the transition I mean).

Sound wise I'll agree with red shadow that you could probably improve on that. Some areas are great to me, but the drums are a bit icky, and the lead instrument for the egg corridor portions of the song is kind of bland.(I like the high pitched bits though).

Keep working on it though, it's coming out pretty nifty so far.

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me gusta mucho.

for those of us who don't speak spanish, me likey lots. My one thing is it sounds very 8 bit, almost a bit too much in places. I like the idea, for sure, I just thing a little bit more of a "real" feel could help. That's just me though, it sounds great.

And by the way, whatever became of the chrono trigger marimba piece you did? I loved that.

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