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*NO* Radical Dreamers 'Thrash's Snakebone Pit'

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In the event this makes it onto OCR, please don't post it until the radical dreamers project is complete. :-)

remixer name: OA

real name: Andrew Luers

email address: andrewluers@


userid: 14963

[ edit]

ReMix Info

game remixed: radical dreamers

song remixed: snakebone mansion

original soundtrack:

my comments: The Radical Dreamers soundtrack is a collection of a few songs with beautiful melodies, and then several really boring BGM tracks. Snakebone Mansion is firmly entrenched in the latter catagory, but I worked really hard to turn a generic "sneaking around" song into something a little sexier, a little darker, and more like a super spy or something. I learned a lot during this mix, and hope you all like it. The title is a play on words, some people might get it. :-)

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - "Snakebone Mansion" ( rd-06.spc)

This is a classic! DON'T MESS IT UP! Alright, now that I've jinxed it...

Opening is alright. The bowed strings at :07 sounded pretty rigidly sequenced, which hurt this one right out of the gate. I didn't feel the drum tone fit (but do I ever? :lol: ). Along with that, the texture, once things were supposed to be full at :15, was empty. There's a boatload of empty space waiting for something a lot more substantial than that lonely weak string at :30 to pad it out. You probably thought the bass & drums would do the job, but c'mon, flesh this out.

Track switched up to some electric geetar stuffs at :46 that filled up the space much better. The bassline and drums still didn't fill this out enough; there was too much reliance on the guitar's effects to occupy the soundfield. Meanwhile, the strings were barely audible.

The guitar playing was really stiff and robotic-sounding (and again at 1:33). Until zircon told me otherwise, I thought it was sequenced; not really much else to say on that level. :'-( Aside from some nitpicks coming out of the gate, the production was fine. I still feel the drums could have a sound that better meshes with the other instruments.

But what's more mission critical is that you've gotta learn how to finesse things so that the note movements are smoother and more natural sounding. It's too bad, because velocity variation is clearly paid attention to in order to create a more realistic feel, like with the bowed strings. However, that's only 1 part of the equation.

The arrangement itself is a solid enough pass, and has good energy and development, but the sequencing on everything is jarringly inhuman. It's almost annoying how many different parts you have at once all doing the robot, including the live guitar. You need to refine things to give it a smoother feel. It don't gotta be perfect, but it's gotta be way better than this. Definitely get feedback from someone you trust, then revise this and send it on back, Andy.

NO (resubmit)

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I disagree, I think that the sequencing is good enough. I'm not too crazy about the guitar either though; it lacks some personality, and I do take some issue with the levels in the percussion; the snare can be a bit prominent at times, moreso than necessary.

Great arrangement though. I really like what you've done with the original. Develops well and overall it has a nice texture going on.


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I think the problem is not so much in the guitar performance, but the guitar part and sound. It's a bit thin, and the part is a little slow, so it kind of drags. I'd like to hear you give more bite to the guitar, and generally tweak the EQ. Close, though; please resubmit.


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