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WIP TES IV Oblivion - Riding the Wings of Destiny

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This is a new version of the Oblivion theme. I tried to expand on the original Morrowind phrase as much as I could. I feel this track is certainly more Oblivion than Morrowind. Have a listen, let me know what you think. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.

The track is called Riding the Wings of Destiny.




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Well, I'm going for the most obvious criticism first: as far as sequenced guitar goes, this mix is decent. HOWEVER, it's still miles away from the quality it would be have if you had live guitars.

The obvious solution is contacting some decent guitar player to do it for you (heck, even I'd be willing to record it for you, though there's much better guitarists around these forums).

You have some interesting things going on with the violin and the choir and strings and stuff, but the guitar is IMO way too loud, and prevents the more interesting counter-melodies from surfacing.

Also, the arrangement seems kind of repetitive, mainly because, even though the guitar plays around a lot of different melodies, it tends to stay in the same scale, and doesn't really explore the whole range of the guitar-neck. You also have some dissonance going on at 03:09.

Also, the drums are CONSTANTLY repeated. If anything, try to at least change up the hi-hat rhythm, or maybe do some double-time/speed-up at some point to introduce variation. The mix as a whole has some interesting ideas, but it's just really repetitive.

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